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It’s hard to please everyone when it comes to a home entertainment system. The needs of a theater aficionado aren’t necessarily the same as those looking for a great home gaming experience. Fortunately, there are projectors out there that can do both, and do them well. No matter what your focus may be, The Optoma HD39Darbee can probably make it happen for you.

After all, the Optoma brand is known for its great features and versatility; the HD39Darbee only cements that reputation. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your basic set-up, let’s take a look and see if this is the project for you.

Is the Optoma HD39Darbee For You?

Whether you want to catch the newest home release of your favorite film franchise, queue up for the next Destiny match, or simply enjoy the big game, the Optoma HD39Darbee can give you a great experience. If you’re looking to dip your toes into a home theater system, this one is one of the top picks for a quality starter projector. It’s a step up from the most basic entry-level projectors while still sticking with a selling price point (consistently coming in at under $1,000).

This projector is best utilized for home use. As we’ll get into later, this isn’t a projector you’ll want to carry around for business presentations or mobile viewings. However, if you’re looking for home entertainment, this is a versatile and affordable option. It has all the elements you’ll need for a solid home theater.

Still, gaming is where this projector truly shines. It has a host of features designed to make your game experience better than ever. In gaming mode, the HD39Darbee features a 16.0 ms input response time. This is the fastest on the market at the time of writing and is just about as close to a traditional gaming monitor that you can get with a short-range projector. Combined with the DarbeeVision technology, you aren’t going to get a crisper or more responsive experience for this price point.

Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience

Top Features

When it comes to features, this projector won’t disappoint. Compared to the Optoma HD27, there are massive improvements without adding too much onto the price. It also packs some added features that you won’t find in similar concurrent models!

Features & Specs at a Glance 

  • Crisp 2080p Resolution 
  • Amazing Image Quality: DarbeeVision Technology! 
  • Gamers Choice: 16.0ms input lag 
  • 3,500 Lumens 
  • 32,000:1 Contrast Ratio 
  • Lamp Life (Hrs) 4000 / 10000 / 15000 
  • Dual HDMI & plenty of connectors 
  • Wireless Capabilities 
  • Full 3D Support 
  • Dimensions: 315 x 224 x 114 mm (WxHxD) 
  • Lightweight: 2.81 kg (6.2lbs) 
  • Large Image: Up to 300 inches 
  • Integrated 10w speakers 
  • Affordable: Under $1000 


The integrated Darbee Visual Presence technology is a major selling point for this projector. Darbee technology takes the flat 2D image that we’re so accustomed to seeing on the big screen and – with their highly specialized algorithm that analyzes the image – adds detail based on the 3D version of it. This process creates depth, color, and an overall more accurate version for our brain. In short, it creates a killer image that brings the scene to life. The final effect doesn’t mimic 3D technology so much as it does add depth, clarity, and realism. It really does create a fantastic, immersive viewing experience.

Honestly, DarbeeVision gives 4K a run for its money (without the same expense). You might wonder if you need the upgrade after experiencing how vivid your image can get.

Full HD

The Optoma HD39Darbee offers Full HD 1080p widescreen resolution. This makes the image crisp, sharp, and detailed which definitely enhances your viewing experience. It also helps that this projector can throw an image up to 300 inches! Given that most flat screens reach 70”, there’s nothing like this view on a standard television.

With 35000 lumens and accurate REC.709 colors, you will be hard-pressed to find another image that looks this good on a short throw projector of this size. With the extensive customizable settings, you’ll be able to personalize your viewing experience to suit your screen and your surroundings.

Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience

Robust Connectivity

This device has robust connectivity. You can connect it to gaming consoles (your Nintendo Switch or PS4 will thank you, trust us!), media centers, PCs, and Macs with ease. The full list of connectors are as follows:

  • Dual HDMI 1.4a (3D Support) connectors 
  • 3.5mm Audio Out (L/R) 
  • USB-A power (1A) 
  • Mini USB 
  • 12V Trigger 
  • 3D Port Sync 

It also has wireless capability, making it easier than ever to connect your devices to the best viewing experience possible!

Gaming Mode

We said it already but the gaming mode on this projector is a definite winner. With the ridiculous level of connectivity and the Darbee technology, you’d think that might be enough to entice even the most skeptical gamers. However, it’s the response time in gaming mode where this machine really shines.

The 16.0ms input response means there’s no delay in your gaming experience. The picture you see on your screen is the same as the game you’re playing. No more frustrating lost kills or failed timing puzzles. This is the most accurate image you’ll see outside of a dedicated (and expensive) gaming monitor.


With the right set-up, the HD39Darbee image just pops! At night, it’s incredibly bright and unbelievably clear. If you’re able to control ambient light, you’ve got yourself a visual powerhouse. At full brightness, you’ll get about 4000 hours of lamp life (which is the equivalent of watching two hours every day for the next four years). That’s not too bad!

Integrated Sound

The HD39 comes with integrated 10w speakers. This was designed to take in mind the probability that, if you’re looking for a solid home projector system, you’re likely to want your own (more robust) surround sound system to go with it. However, this doesn’t mean that the speakers are lacking. They can work fine in a basic setup scenario.

Enhance Your Home Entertainment Experience


Here are some of the strengths of the Optoma HD39Darbee:

Vertical Lens Shift

The HD39Darbee projector comes with a number of set-up options, making it easier to line up the image with your screen. The +17% Lens Shift adds a lot of flexibility in your installation, especially if you are going for a ceiling mount scenario. The modest zoom 1.6 zoom doesn’t hurt. Both of these features are going to make a big difference during set up.

Wireless Capability

This is such a bonus when it comes to installation! The ability to wireless connect to your devices makes this projector incredibly versatile for both gaming or general usage. This also opens up a broader world of streaming options for your entertainment. You can connect your Apple TV, Chromecast, or ROKU wirelessly to the HD39Darbee projector without a hassle, giving you freedom in your viewing experience.

The Price Point

When it comes to home projectors, anyone can tell you that the price point can be a huge determining factor for even the most meticulous consumer. It’s easy to spend thousands on a device that has all the bells and whistles you want. With a little research, however, you can find most of those features on a much more affordable projector (leaving you to invest more in our screen or sound system).

For a short throw 1080p projector, the Optoma HD39Darbee just the perfect price for some excellent features. It’s been consistently voted among the best projectors for under $1000 across the web by projector enthusiasts and voted among the best gaming projectors despite the price point. The price ranges from around $650-800 on most online retailers, depending on the sale you manage to catch.

In all, you can’t overlook what a great deal this is, even at full price!


There’s no such thing as the perfect projector. Even the best deals have their drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase. The Optoma HD39Darbee is no exception. So, let’s take a look at the cons for this particular device.

Light Limitations

The black level for this projector is limited. If you aren’t able to limit the light source of a room, you may have difficulty catching all the details of darker scenes or navigate darker areas of the latest Call of Duty map as well. However, this is a common issue in projectors and the right light control in the room can easily remedy the problem. Just avoid large amounts of ambient light while viewing.


This projector is louder many than comparative models in other brands. When operating in full brightness mode, you will get some background noise (generally around 29.0 decibels) which may not be ideal for some spaces. This can lead to an annoyance during quiet parts of a film or crucial moments in a game. We don’t think it’s an egregious amount of noise, but it comes down to personal preference.


This projector is designed for permanent mounting. With the throw range optimized at around ten feet, you’ll probably want to attach it to the ceiling or wall in your media or living room. This does make it less than ideal for travel purposes. If you’re looking for a more mobile setup, the HD39Darbee may not be for you.


If you’re interested in a projector with similar specs to the HD39Darbee but looking for something more portable, the Optoma GT1080Darbee projector might be just what you’re looking for. This is an ultra short throw projector designed to be placed around 3 feet from your screen. It’s great for smaller spaces like a coffee table (if you only want to bring it out occasionally) or a smaller room. It’s also an easier projector to use for travel, as it can be set up quickly and without fuss. It has most of the same features, including that 16ms response time for gaming and the same Darbee Vision technology that makes the HD39Darbee so appealing.

Another wallet-friendly option for a home projector is the Epson Home Cinema 2150 (read full review here). It clocks in at about the same price point but doesn’t quite have the same response time for gaming (at about 29.2 ms). However, it does have many of the same features – like the wireless capabilities, full HD, and the same 1080p resolution. It also has the added bonus of streaming capabilities! Overall, it’s a great choice if you’re in the market for a home theater experience over gaming and looking for a mid-range projector.


Overall, the Optoma HD39Darbee projector is an excellent choice for anyone interested in upgrading from a basic projector setup to a ceiling-mounted system with more features and pretty epic visuals. It’s also a great starter projector for a permanent media room installation, especially if you’re on a budget.

If you’re curious about Darbee Visual Technology and are interested in its benefits over the pricier 4K options, we highly recommend checking out this projector. On that note, it’s comparable to 4K projectors at a similar (or higher) price point! It’s also a great option for gamers; the 16ms input response coupled with the adaptable connectivity options (including wireless!) really make it appealing for console and PC gamers alike.

The Optoma HD39Darbee proves that you don’t have to spend thousands (or tens of thousands) in order to get a truly great viewing experience in your home. This versatile, budget-friendly projector won’t disappoint no matter what your needs are!

Do you know what it means to binge watch your favorite movie series, watch the big sports or play fun games with friends on a massive crystal-clear projector?

Or, are you considering buying a new projector for a special friend? You may also want to step up your gaming or probably just have more space to play with your tech. Well, you’re about to get just the answers you need with this Optoma HD243X review.

The Optoma HD243X is an almost perfect blend of the good features you need a projector to have-price, size, bulb life and connectivity options. This Optoma HD243X review is an insider’s guide to choosing the best projector that suits your needs just fine, with features, pros, cons and the honest recommendations.

Who is the Optoma HD243X for?

You should consider the Optoma HD243X if you…

  • love large screens and projectors 
  • want a big screen that’s affordable and functional 
  • need to replace your TV with a projector for home entertainment
  • enjoy gaming and will love to have unforgettable gaming experiences
  • like the idea of a home theater in your living space or backyard

Game lovers of all ages would definitely love the Optoma HD243X at first sight and will fall in love over time because its brilliant color control, 3D format and enhanced gaming mode makes it suitable for gaming. If you ask me, I would say that the Optoma HD243X was designed first with gamers in mind and other categories as an afterthought. If you’re not big on loud entertainment and would rather not be bothered, I would advise that you stick your TV and not bother with the Optoma HD243X because you are very likely to underutilize it.

Enhance Your Entertainment Experience

Features of the Optoma HD243X

  • Dynamic Black: The Dynamic Black feature of the Optoma HD243X is part of the technology suite for DLP-based products offered by Texas Instruments. It allows for the adjustment of the brightness of the lamp itself according to the average picture level (APL). The lamp is dimmed for dark scenes and brightened during bright scenes. This leads to a specified contrast ratio of 24,000:1 and a lamp life up to 12,000 hours. 
  • Reference Mode: The Reference mode can comfortably reproduce 100% of the BT.709 color gamut. If you desire more, the BrilliantColor control, one of TI’s technology suite will serve the purpose. The reference mode and BrilliantColor control is made possible by a new RGBCYW (red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, white) color wheel.
  • Improved Gaming Mode: The Optoma HD243X is a true HD projector with a native 1080p resolution and an input lag of 16.4ms which makes it perfect for video gaming. The 2700 ANSI lumens rating helps it give a crisp and clear picture quality. The WUXGA supported resolution renders, allows for a 1920×1200 resolution that enhances picture quality to the tiniest detail. It also provides excellent on-board audio for quality sounds. 
  • 3D Format:  This is one of the advantages of the projector over flat-panel TVs. The HD243X supports 3D formats, including side-by-side, over-under and frame-packed. You will need accessories such a RF transmitter and active-shutter glasses to view 3D. These items can be purchased online.
  • Display Technology: The Optoma HD243X projector comes with the latest display technology of a single 0.47” DMD DLP chip, a full HD 1080p resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a high-contrast display of 24,000:1 which guarantees a perfect picture quality in accurate colors. This means you can play games and watch movies in HD resolution. Apart from that, the HD243X model has full 3D 1080p support, which you can use to create a home theater and watch 3D movies in no time.

Enhance Your Entertainment Experience

  • Adjustable Pictures: This is an interesting feature that automatically adjusts the picture according to the wall color of the room if you turn it on. You can opt for colors such as light blue, light green, light yellow, grey, pink and even black. You can also switch this feature off but I think I am likely to keep it on for the fun of it, at least in the beginning. The HD243X also offers ISF Day, Night, and 3D calibration modes that allow you calibrate it for optimum performance with ambient light, in the night, and for 3D content, respectively. You can get the access codes for these modes from your dealer or calibrator.
  • Connectivity: A lot of ports can be found on the Optoma HD243X. It has a standard VGA and a pair of HDMI inputs, powered by USB type C port so you can easily connect your gaming monitor. One of the HDMI ports doubles as an MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) input. This lets you connect an MHL-compatible mobile device and mirror the device’s display on the projection screen. It also has a 3D sync port, a 12V trigger output and a 3.5mm port for audio input and output. For a TV replacement, it has enough HDMI ports to support your cable/streaming stick and game console, in the very least. The powered USB also allows you to use a Chromecast for your favorite streaming services.
  • User-Friendly: The projector is designed in such a way that it can be set up and easily operated by first-time users. It comes with a detailed manual for reference purposes and the remote control has all the frequently used buttons arranged in a spacious manner to avoid accidental pressing of wrong buttons.
  • Size: The Optoma HD243X at a 6 feet distance will fill up a 120″ diagonal screen. It weighs about 6.75 pounds and can be conveniently carried around. The 1.1x zoom allows for easy mounting and installation

Enhance Your Entertainment Experience

Pros and Cons

There is no perfect projector yet and the Optoma HD243X is not an exception. It is however good to weigh the pros and cons to know if this projector is ideal for you or not.  


  • High-contrast 
  • Easy to set up
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Excellent lighting
  • Great for gamers
  • Very customizable
  • Great connectivity
  • Loud inbuilt speakers
  • 12,000-hour lamp life
  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • True HD 1080p picture 
  • Full 3D content support
  • Very good display quality
  • Auto keystone adjustment
  • Long lamp life in Eco Mode
  • Bright lamp with sharp image
  • A powered USB port for Chromecast
  • 120-inch image from a distance of 6 feet
  • Bright enough to use even in the middle of the day


  • Has a single speaker
  • The bulb lifespan is short 
  • Lacks built-in streaming apps
  • Some over splash is noticeable 
  • Lamps replacements are not cheap

The pros definitely outweigh the cons and I think this is a good sign. Don’t you?


If you are thinking of other options asides the Optoma HD243X, you might want to consider the Optoma HD27HDR or the BenQ HT2050A. These two options made it to our list of top 1080p projectors to buy on a budget.

The Optoma HD27HDR

The is one of the cheapest projectors for gaming that supports HDR as well. It has an unique ability to display UHD HDR images at a resolution of 1920×1080. it also accepts 4K input but this will reduce its resolution to native 1080p while it maintains its HDR capabilities.

Features of the Optoma HD27HDR include 3D playback of 1080p which is quite rare. The lag input is shorter than any other current 4K model and 16.4ms is fast enough even for professional gamers. This is the speed to expect in the enhanced gaming mode.

With a Lumens rating of 3,400 ANSI, its image is bright in moderately lit rooms and it promises to offer you a great gaming experience at a good price!


  • HDR mode
  • 1.1 zoom lens
  • 10-watt speaker 
  • Accepts 4K UHD input
  • 3,400 ANSI lumens rating
  • Fully 3D 1080p compatible
  • Weights about 6.2 pounds 
  • 1920×1080 native resolution
  • HDMI 2.0 input with HDCP 2.2
  • 50,000:1 specified contrast ratio
  • 6,000 hour lamp life at full power 
  • Supports ISF Night and Day modes
  • Supports and displays HDR10 content
  • Optional RF transmitter and active glasses
  • 15,000 hours lamp life in Dynamic mode
  • Enhanced Gaming Mode with excellent 16ms input-lag time
  • Full support for 3D (with optional RF transmitter and active glasses)
  • Single-chip DLP with RYGCWB color wheel delivers excellent color accuracy


  • Rigid placement
  • Lacks frame interpolation
  • Does not have noise reduction features
  • Absence of horizontal or auto keystone

The BenQ HT2050A

The BenQ HT2050A is a full HD projector loved for its great images enhanced by its contrast features. It has VGA input for a PC, RCA to connect audio sources, receivers, speakers and audio devices. It also has an incredible eco mode that reduces its usage by 33%.

This projector has rounded sides and a silver trim design to reduce light leakage and noise by 3Db. With a 2200 ANSI Lumens rating and contrast ratio of 15000:1, its colors are accurate, vivid and realistic. This is an edge that the BenQ HT2050A has over other projectors in the same price range. It’s a great choice for small rooms, dark rooms or rooms with minimal ambient darker rooms and rooms with moderate lighting.


  • Fully 3D
  • 16.4 ms input
  • 1.3 zoom range
  • Wireless is available
  • Weighs only 7.3 pounds 
  • Up to 7,000 hours in smart eco mode 
  • Up to 3,500-hour lamp life in full power mode
  • Good black levels in the darkest movie scenes
  • High-quality color thanks to its RGBRGB color wheel 
  • Supports ISF color calibration for both Night and Day modes
  • Solid 10-watt mono speaker gives off high-quality audio output 
  • Has different modes with different color schemes for different lighting


  • It has only one 3D mode
  • The HDMIs are a bit loose
  • Can be problematic for shelf mounting
  • Lamp replacements are expensive


The Optoma HD243X is a functional yet affordable home-entertainment projector that’s great for movies, video games and sports. It offers you a cinematic experience within the comfort of your living space and the reference display mode, 24,000:1 contrast ratio, and REC.709 color support provides an amazing video quality perfect for movies, sports and games. Using it at night is a real treat, thanks to its awesome visuals. It is also quite portable at 6.75 pounds and can be set up in any room of your choice. Buying a projector is a not a cheap feat so it’s an investment you should aim to get right at first chance.

The Optoma HD243X is a brand you can trust and hopefully this review will help you decide on the projector that best suits you or at the very least we have helped you know the features to look out for in buying a projector.

If you’re a cinema fan, you’re probably looking for a high-quality home cinema projector that performs really well. But in order to get that perfect viewing experience, a projector needs to have great image quality, high contrast and brightness, among many other things.

One of such projectors is the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB. With its sleek and luxurious design and impressive performance, it caught the attention of home cinema lovers.

Epson has been working hard to develop new technology and bring innovations from the TV world to their projectors. TV’s with a 4K resolution are not a big deal anymore, but projectors that are 4K capable are quite rare. However, the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB has the advanced Pro-UHD technology that brings you an almost perfect 4K experience.

So if you’re looking for outstanding image quality in a projector, great performance, modern and sleek design, check out our Epson Home Cinema 5050UB review because this projector might be the one for you.

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB Features

To start our Epson Home Cinema 5050UB review, let’s look at some of the most impressive features this Epson model can offer you.

2,600 lumens brightness

With 2,6000 lumens, the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB has impressive brightness which results in a very enjoyable viewing experience.

Dynamic contrast

With 1,000,000:1dynamic contrast ratio, even if you’re watching in a very dark room, the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB will produce a quality image.

1920×1080 resolution

With HD 1920X1080 resolution and 4K pixel shifting, Epson Home Cinema 5050UB has an outstanding image quality that will definitely enhance your viewing experience.

Pro-UHD technology

What makes the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB unique among projectors is the Pro-UHD Technology which enables you to have 4K quality image. This technology uses advanced processing to enhance the resolution, color, and image which results in image quality that’s very close to true 4K.

3,500 – 5,000-hour lamp life

An important aspect of any projector is lamp life. The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB has an impressive 3,500 hours of lamp life in normal mode and up to 5,000 hours of lamp life in eco mode. It basically splits 4K images and projects them alternatively which results in quality that’s very similar to 4K.

HDR and 3D compatible

Since the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB is both HDR and 3D compatible, you can watch HDR and 3D movies which is something that will definitely enhance your home cinema experience.

2.1 Optical Zoom Lens

There is a 2.1 optical zoom lens that’s really well done and it also has really cool new technology called Lens Shift. It is a three axis motorized lens which means it’s adjustable and you can shift it up and down up to 96% and 46% left and right.

But how does this benefit you, the user?

Well, this type of lens is particularly great for those who don’t have much room space. So if the distance between where you want to put the projector and the screen is not big, you can still project a big image that’s clear and sharp. For example, if the distance between the projector and the screen is just 7 feet, which is quite small, you can get up to 120-inch screen size, which is pretty impressive and unheard of for most projectors, and it’s all thanks to this advanced lens technology.

So if you have a smaller room, but still want a big screen, we recommend that you try the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB.

3 LCD technology

When it comes to color on projectors, you got RGB (red, green, blue) and most projectors have 1 LCD that handles all three of those. What the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB has is dedicated LCD for each of those colors, which is their 3 LCD Technology.

What that means is that you get very crisp bright color, deep blacks, and outstanding contrast which is particularly important when you’re watching movies.

Pros and Cons of the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

Now that you’re familiar with some of the main Epson Home Cinema 5050UB features, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this premium Epson model.



What makes the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB particularly tempting is its 4K capability. To make it clear, this projector doesn’t have a native 4K resolution, but it’s damn close and the image quality is pretty much indistinguishable from true 4K.

So all of those who are looking for a 4K capable projector, you should definitely consider the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB.

Ability to choose different color ranges

You’ll be impressed by how rich and crisp the color with the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB. On top of that, you have the ability to choose between different color ranges like Dynamic, Digital Cinema, Natural, Cinema, Bright Cinema, Black and White Cinema, as well as two 3D modes.

Easy to use and set-up

Another pro of this Epson model is that it’s incredibly easy to set up and use. There are many input and output options you can choose from, which you will find at the back of the projector.

On the side, you’ll find some basic buttons like the power button, source, menu, lens, enter, and arrow keys which allow you to easily navigate. There’s also a stylish remote that allows you to control and set up the projector.

Great compatibility and connectivity

What’s great about the 5050UB is that you can connect so many different devices to it including your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, game console, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Blu-Ray/DVD player, Cable Box, Roku, Apple TV, as well as your digital camera.

How cool is that?

Sleek design

Another thing that really stands out in this Epson model is its modern and sleek design. This is a premium luxuries projector and that’s definitely obvious when you look at it.

The Epson Home Cinema 5050UB has a white curved design that’s fresh and minimalistic, emphasized by gold accents on the front and around the impressively big lens.

So this is a projector that you don’t have to be ashamed of or hide it. Quite the contrary, the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB will serve both as a projector as well as a decorative piece in the room you’ll proudly showcase.

Low fan noise

When it comes to fan noise, this Epson model keeps it to a minimum. Although fan noise is still slightly audible, mostly when the volume is low, it’s more of a gentle and relaxing hum rather than an irritating buzz that comes with lower quality projectors.

Good for gaming

With <30ms input lag, this Epson projector is also good for gaming. So if you’re looking for a high-quality gaming projector, 5050UB might be the one.


A bit pricey

Although it is cheaper than 5050UBe and 6050UB, it is still definitely not a cheap projector. So if you really like the 5050UB, be prepared to cough out some money for it.

But even though it might seem like much, the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB truly is a premium projector with exceptional performance so you definitely get a bang for your buck.

Slightly bigger than most projectors

Even though it might not look like it in the photos, this Epson model is actually quite large, with dimensions of 19 cm x 52 cm x 45 cm. So take that into consideration.

But although it is on the larger side, Epson 5050UB design is gorgeous and it looks spectacular, which is definitely a plus.

Good alternatives to the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB

If the Epson 5050UB is too pricey for you and you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, we recommend you check out the Epson Home Cinema 5040. It is much cheaper than 5050UB, but has a lot of the same features, including the 4K technology.

However, if you’re looking for full 4K HDR projector and you’re willing to pay more for it, we recommend the Sony Home Theater Projector VPL-VW295ES. Priced at around $5k, it is a high-end projector and you get native 4K resolution (4096×2160) and many other amazing features like triluminos display, motionflow technology, and super resolution 4K upscaler for enhanced imaging.


All things considered, the Epson Home Cinema 5050UB is quite an impressive projector.

Its most notable feature is definitely the 4K enhancement tech, as well as the outstanding brightness, vivid and true-to-life colors, and impressive Japanese made lens. This projector is for those who notice those slight differences and can appreciate the nuances this projector has.

Are you ready to really get the best possible experience out of your projector? Maybe you’ve been tooling around with lower level projectors for a while and you’re ready to really step it up a notch, or maybe you’ve been using a high end model and now it’s time to replace the old one. No matter the reason, you’re going to find a whole lot to love about the Sony VPL-VW295ES. It has a whole bunch of great features we’re going to talk about and it definitely knows how to deliver the kind of movie watching or game playing experience you’ve been waiting for.

Who it’s for

This projector is not for the amateur movie night aficionado. Rather, it’s designed for someone who wants state of the art results each and every time they hook up their projector. Whether you’re watching a movie or hooking up your home videos or your video games, this projector is designed for the full-time quality control person. Now, that’s not to say it’s the one you want if you’re running a business, because for those making money off the use of their projector there are definitely bigger and better, even from Sony themselves, but for those watching and using at home? This is definitely going to be the high end.

Enhance Your Entertainment Experience Today!

Top features

When it comes to features, the Sony VPL VW-295ES definitely doesn’t skimp out. It’s actually considered a lower end projector compared to a lot of what Sony has to offer, so it’s something you should take a look at here. Don’t miss out on these awesome features and the many ways that you can really create the experience you’ve been looking for (and then some). We’ll talk about all of the best features and the top ways that this Sony projector can make sure you’re not shopping around for much longer. You’ll bit sitting back watching your favorite show in your movie room (from now until forever).

Natural 4K resolution

The true 4K resolution means that it’s designed to be just like the digital cinema projectors that you love going to see so much. It doesn’t default to this standard when you’re using a Blu-Ray UHD, but it’s still going to give you a whole lot of great quality and the complete width that will give you access to the resolution you’re looking for. You just need to make sure you have 4K content and you’ll be able to see just how sharp it actually is. You’ll also have none of the overlap in colors that you get with your standard TV or even other high end projectors. You’ll get every color you should have.

Supports IMAX

Ready to take your games and your movies to the next level? Then you’re going to want something that has IMAX capabilities. You’ll be able to really immerse yourself in some of the best parts of your favorite media with this and it’s actually something that makes Sony completely different from anything else. They’re the only ones that have IMAX certification. That doesn’t mean they’re the only ones who can play it, but they are the only ones who can say they have the official certification for it. Plus, they even have DTS sound certification to go along with it. So you get the amazing quality video and audio to match.

Motorized zoom lens

You’ll have some of the best zoom range that you could imagine with this projector, though it’s not as much as you can get if you decide to go with a higher end unit (which jumps the price quite a bit). With this one you’ll have vertical and horizontal lens shift that exceeds the average and also you don’t have any external controls for the lens (which makes the whole unit look more sleek). Because of that zoom lens you’ll be able to place your unit just about anywhere you want and then the lens will make sure that you get the full picture, exactly where you want/need it.

High quality black level performance

Most people just think of black as black and don’t really pay attention to gradients in it. With the Sony VPL VW-295ES you’re getting several different levels of black and several different layers when you’re watching a very dark scene. It’s not quite like a dynamic iris style, but it’s definitely going to be a step up from what you might have right now in your projector. You’ll be able to see what’s really happening in those dark scenes, which is definitely going to be the whole point, right? You’ll also be able to see different layers without having to get a super dark room.

Enjoy the Impressive Features of the VW-295ES

Reality creation detail enhancement

Now you’re generally going to get a default setting of 20 out of 100 for detail enhancement, but you can actually increase it further if you want. For those who want even more sharpness to their screens you can turn it up as high as you like and get a sharper and sharper image. As with other systems, however, once you get to around 50 out of 100 you’re going to start seeing some noise distortion on the screen. So it’s going to be a bit of a balancing act for you to see what you get (or want).

Supports BT.2020 expanded color space

This color space means that you’re getting just about all of the colors that you could possibly expect to see. In fact, you’re going to have some of the widest color range you’ll find anywhere, and that’s definitely going to make it easier for you to see everything that’s happening and to enjoy all of the minor details that go along with your video or your game. Plus, with the addition of HDR, you’re going to have one of the highest quality projectors around. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Full calibration controls

Turning your projector to exactly what you want is actually a whole lot easier than you might have thought. That’s because you get 9 different calibration presets and you get to adjust each separately. You can calibrate the Cinema Film 1 & 2, Reference, TV, Photo, Game, Bright Cinema, Bright TV & User presets. As you adjust from the default setting you’re going to have a better variety of options from the brightest modes to the best quality level modes and more. You can also balance out different colors even better with your preferred settings and you can adjust them as much as you like. This refers to grayscale, gamma settings and a great deal more to create the balance you need.

Overall style

The look and style of this projector is actually a great benefit. It’s going to give you a moderate size and it has very clean lines that give it a minimalistic approach. Not only that but there are very few external controls at all because even the zoom lens has motorized, internal controls. You’ll have a dark gray or black finish throughout the exterior and the whole thing is a little big and bulky. It’s a little bit heavy as well, but you’ll have no problem setting it up just about anywhere and watching anything you want.

Inputs and connectors

Now, when it comes to connecting anything you want to this unit you’ll actually have a number of options. You get an RJ-45 LAN connector that’s used for networking and you’ll also have a USB and 2 HDMI inputs that offer HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. There’s also an RS-232 serial port that you can use for legacy command as well as control. Plus, there’s a jack for the remote if you want to attach it directly and you’ll have 2 different 12 volt triggers. Overall, this unit is going to give you a whole lot of connectors and all of the aspects you need to set up your next movie.

Low input lag for gaming

If you’re a gamer you always want the fastest speeds so you can actually enjoy your games, but that’s not always easy to get. With this system you’re actually going to have a specific setting you can choose for input lag reduction. It’s hidden in the expert settings menu, but it’s going to make things a whole lot easier for you when you’re playing games. In fact, it cuts lag down to 27ms, which is one of the best you’ll get with a projector, as long as you’re playing a 4K game. If you play something lower quality you’ll have longer lag and if you turn on the game mode alongside the input lag reduction you’ll average around 40 ms.


When it comes to the price of this unit you’re actually going to get a great amount of features for the cost. You won’t have to worry about paying tens of thousands of dollars to get something that really works. Instead, you can actually get it for less than $5,000. That’s going to mean a great balance and you’re also going to be more than happy with the results and all of the other features that we’ve talked about. Take a look at the different pros and cons that we’ve talked about below as well. You might be surprised what all is there.

Awesome Features-Price Ratio

Pros & Cons

Before you buy anything you’re going to want to know all of the pros and cons and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about. These are the features that you’re going to want to at least pay a little closer attention to. Whether some of the pros are what you need or not is up to you. And definitely how much weight you want to put on the cons is up to you. Instead, take a closer look and be ready to say yes or no based on the information that you find right here. You might be surprised just how many awesome features you’re going to find when you start digging.


  • Good for rooms with moderate lighting control
  • Natural 4K resolution that support HDR
  • P3 color for more color variety
  • 6000 hour lamp life when used in eco-mode
  • 3 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Motorized zoom lens for better close-ups
  • High quality black level performance for distinct color variation
  • Reality Creation Detail Enhancement
  • 1500 lumen lighting for better visibility
  • 3LCoS panels with full alignment controls that improve details
  • Supports BT.2020 Expanded Color Space which is the  same as commercial theater projectors
  • Full calibration controls to give more versatility
  • Low input lag for gaming
  • 3D capable for more varied game/movie play


  • No one-button lens memory
  • No dynamic iris
  • No wireless networking option
  • Somewhat slow for 180p games
  • No onboard media player, Miracast or internet browser
  • Lighting on the remote is not ideal

Your top alternatives

Now, the Sony VPL-VW295ES is not for everyone. You might find it to be too big and unwieldy or too fancy for your needs. Maybe you’re trying to save a little bit of money and still get a great quality projector. On the other hand, maybe you don’t think it’s big enough for what you’re trying to do and you want to make sure you get something even bigger. No matter which way you’re going, you’re going to find something great to help balance you out. So, choose bigger, smaller or exactly this one, no matter what you’re going to be off to a great start.

Sony VPL VW695ES

If you’re looking to go with something really high end this is another option you might want to consider. It’s a step up from the one we’ve been looking at and comes with a few extra features that just might make it your ideal choice. This one has lens memory and dynamic iris, which makes for a clearer and more sleek style for your picture. It also has 3D capability and works well for just about any kind of gaming. On top of that it has wired networking, HDMI inputs, 1,800 lumens, 4K resolution with 3 SCRD imagers and motionflow for the smoothest flow from one scene and movement to the next.

One of the drawbacks is that it’s not quite designed to go with the standard mounting gear. You’ll need to get Sony specific options. You’ll also find that dealing with Sony if you have some problems can be a bit of a hassle for some people. So make sure that you keep track of everything and that you know what you’re getting. Overall, it’s definitely going to be a high quality option that gets a lot done for a little more, okay, a decent amount more.

Optoma UHD60

For those who want a 4K projector but don’t want to spend a lot of money when they’re just getting started, the Optoma UHD60 is a good way to go. It still gives you true 4K ultra HD and 4x the pixels you get with 1080p. Not only that but it’s actually 3,000 lumens and it’s HDR compatible. You’ll also have 15,000 hours of lamp life and a high contrast ratio. Plus, it installs really quickly and easily, no matter where you want it. Get vertical lens shift, 1.6x zoom, easy throw ration and keystone correction. Overall, it’s going to take care of a whole lot without you having to do much of anything.

On the downside it’s a bit large and the top cover is not really as high end. Not only that but you’ll find that the finish is a little bit less than ideal and there might be some things you want to check out, like using a quality cable to connect this projector. You need a really good, high end, HDMI cable in order to get the kind of quality out of your video that you would expect.

If none of the two alternatives works for you, check out our list of the top 4K projectors available in the market today.

Wrap up

When it comes down to it you’re going to find a number of different projector options out there, as you know. But you might or might not find something that fits your needs the way the Sony VPL. VW295ES does. Just take a closer look at each of the pros and cons and see how they’re going to make it work for you.

The age of 1080p is slowly fading. The need for clearer, better images is seen everywhere you can expect an image to be shown – smartphones, computers, ads displayed throughout the towns. But there is one type of hardware many wouldn’t think of when considering a machine capable of 4K resolution.

Namely, the projectors. It’s true; most of the computer geeks out there wouldn’t see the benefits of having a 4K projector, because it can be used for limited purposes. But virtually, they will be able to provide you with anything that a regular monitor does.

Whether you want to set up a neat home cinema and you don’t want to miss on that cinema quality – and even more, improve it – or you just want to browse big, you’re lucky. It’s been some time since 4K, 60 FPS has become a guideline when it comes to displays. So by having this standard moving on to hardware as projectors, the number of things you can do to please your eyes increases.

Without further ado, we will now present you with what a 4K projector is able to do and the different types of 4K projectors and we will also give you some helpful information on the best 4K projectors in 2019.

Overall, before making your decision, you have to take into account the circumstances you are going to use your 4K projector in and based on that, you can be confident in your choice.

Therefore, in the next paragraphs, you will see the best 4K projectors of 2019, analyzed and described just for you. You are closer and closer to stepping in the age of 4K on your own – and that’s simply amazing considering that some years back, we were struggling with 480p and 720p.

So, all you have to do is lean back and relax as you view our showcase of the best 4K projectors in 2019.

In the spirit of full transparency we disclose that there are affiliate links on this page and if you make a purchase after clicking on a link, we might make a commission at no additional cost to you. We were NOT paid to write this article or include any of the projectors on this list, and only included items on this list because we truly believe in them.

Top 10 4K Projectors in 2019

  1. ViewSonic PX747-4K Projector
  2. BenQ HT2550 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector
  3. Optoma UHD60 4K DLP Home Entertainment Projector
  4. BenQ TK800 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector
  5. Vivitek HK2288-WH Home Cinema Projector
  6. Sony VPL-VW285ES Home Theater Projector
  7. Acer H7850 4K HDR Projector
  8. Optoma UHD51A 4K Home Cinema Projector
  9. Sony VPL-VW675ES 4K Projector
  10. Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD Projector with 4K Enhancement

1. ViewSonic PX747-4K 4K Projector

ViewSonic PX747-4K

This 4K projector from ViewSonic is very close to offering you the full, true 4K experience. Even though it is a 4K UHD projector, it is able to display at a 3840 x 2160p resolution – and that on a screen of up to 300 inches.

Regarding technology, this projector is using a DLP chip (with XPR technology as well). This means that with the help of pixel shifting, you will be provided with 8.3-million pixels, which is just enough for you to enjoy a movie.

Talking about enjoying a movie, you can do so whenever you want. Because of the high contrast ratio, as well as the 3,500 lumens, you will have no problem plugging in your projector and playing a movie in almost every environment and time of the day.

Also, another thing to take into account is the Super Eco mode of the projector’s lamp. This mode is able to keep the lamp shining brightly for a period of almost 15,000 hours – which is more than enough for watching movies, gaming, or any type of video playback.

This little fellow from ViewSonic also comes equipped with a 10W speaker – in case, let’s say, you don’t have your audio system in place. This speaker is able to propagate the sound throughout the room where the projector is placed. Adding that to the display’s quality, you’ll soon think you are in a little cinema room, watching one of your favorite movies.

Important to mention is the fact that it also comes with a dual HDMI connectivity. So, if you are a gamer, you can easily connect your gaming console to this projector. Even more, laptops, personal computers, Blu-ray players and digital cameras may be connected to the projector as well.

It seems that slow and steady, this projector is able to become the perfect replacement for your old monitor. And would you have a problem with that? We don’t think so as this 4K projector is able to offer you with much clearer and higher quality images than your other devices.

We like:

  • Very affordable
  • HDR10 support
  • Strong build quality
  • User-friendly
  • Ultra-long lamp life
  • Impressive brightness
  • Pixel-shifting technology

We don’t like:

  • Only two HDMI ports
  • Black frame around images
  • Unimpressive colour range


Overall, we feel the ViewSonic PX747-4K projector was designed specifically for people who have a budget of around $1000 and are keen to test the 4K waters. There are several better options but this projector is better than you would expect at its price.

Get yourself a Viewsonic px747 today

2. BenQ HT2550 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT2550

As with the previous projector, the Benq HT2550 4K projector provides you with a display resolution of 3840 x 2160p as well. This projector makes use of the 0.47-inch single-DMP DLP technology, making it one of the smallest and lightest 4K projectors – 9.2 lbs, 13.9 x 5.3 x 10.7 inches. It’s easy to fit in one of your larger pockets, right?

Besides the HDR10 support, BenQ adds its own touch to this projector, supplying it with the exclusive Auto HDR colour Rendition and Cinema-Optimized technology. But what does this mean? More goodies for you – greater brightness, higher contrast range as well as image optimization. Even more, because of the single-DMP DLP technology and BenQ’s personal touch, you won’t have to worry about a blurry display, shadowing or any interference patterns.

I don’t know about you, but we’d choose this instead of a cinema. Rounding up your friends to your house, stepping inside your cozy cinema room – popcorn at your leisure, of course – and enjoying your favorite movie among loved ones is something you definitely want.

Another personal touch brought to you by BenQ provides the projector’s lamp with Smart Eco technology. Basically, this will adjust the lamp’s brightness according to the content you are viewing. This way, richer shades of black will be projected as well as better image details. 15,000 hours of lamp life guaranteed – sounds good to you? We bet it does.

Therefore, small and light, with amazing image quality, and with two features provided exclusively by BenQ make this projector a great choice for your home cinema.

It has all the things you need for a cozy setup, with a little help from the 1.2x zoom and the Auto vertical Keystone as well.

We like:

  • Very affordable
  • 4K + 3D projection capabilities
  • Modern DLP chipset
  • Brightness adaptable to indoor and outdoor use
  • Respectable lamp life
  • Low fan noise
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

We don’t like:

  • Poor focus
  • 3D projection feature can be a pain to set up
  • Annoying off-black frame around image, especially visible on white screens.


Overall, we feel the BenQ HT2550 projector is a strong option for any individual who is new to the world of 4K projectors and wants to enhance their visual experience without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the BenQ HT2550

3. Optoma UHD60 4K DLP Home Entertainment Projector

Optoma UHD60

This projector from Optoma comes with what seems to become the standard of 4K UHD projectors – a 3840 x 2160p resolution. Using a single DLP chip, it is able to provide you with the same 8.3-million pixels as the previous two projectors. This ensures you an amazing amount of detail and increased quality picture.

As we’ve been used to so far, this projector comes with HDR10 as well, being able to produce life-like colour, with help from the REC.2020 wide colour gamut.

If we dive deeper into the amazing colours that this projector can display, we get an astonishing 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio for incredible black levels. It can also display 1073.4 million colours – can you imagine that? More than one thousand colours, how could you say no to that? It comes with a 16 to 9 aspect ratio, but it is compatible with 4:3 as well.

Even more, this device has no problem in projecting images on screens of 140 inches and higher. Also, because of the 1.6x zoom, and 1.39 to 2.22 throw ratio, you don’t have to worry about some complex procedure of installation or trying to figure out which is the best spot to place the projector.

When it comes to space, you can sit back and relax as far as 10 feet away from the screen where the image is projected. This distance won’t cause any damage to the 4k quality, as you will still be able to clearly see the pixels.

With that amazing contrast ratio and the whopping 1073.4 million colours, this projector is for sure one that should be on your list when considering buying a 4K projector. It simply has so much to offer – and you will have much to enjoy if you decide to get one!

We like:

  • True 4K resolution
  • Super affordable
  • Impressive brightness
  • Reliable picture quality
  • Low fan noise
  • Low input lag
  • Long lamp life

We don’t like:

  • Annoying flicker in eco mode
  • No 3D option
  • Bulky size and poor build quality


Before reviewing the Optoma UHD60, we were not really sure that a truly affordable projector could ever deliver both HDR and 4K features effectively. After reviewing this projector, we are glad to say that we have never been happier to be proven wrong. We highly recommend!

Cop the optoma uhd60 now

4. BenQ TK800 4K UHD HDR Home Theater Projector

BenQ TK800

And here comes another entry from the trustworthy BenQ. Let’s see how they managed to add their personal touches to the TK800 4K projector.

The 3840 x 2160p resolution applies here as well. It is really a standard when it comes to 4K UHD projectors, as this is the closest you can get to a true 4K projector. You won’t be able to experience real 4K with most of the projectors available nowadays, but this resolution offers more than you can imagine – the number of colours and all of the nifty features a projector has will help you improve the overall quality of such hardware, so you won’t miss much.

3000 ANSI lumens of brightness, as well as the 8.3 million pixels, come to your aid and provide you with amazing 4K quality. Not to mention the HDR10, which offers even more brightness, contrast range, and image optimization – this is one projector that makes sure you won’t miss any of the details on the screen.

In terms of portability – as in carrying it in your backpack next to your laptop – the same weight and dimensions of the previous BenQ projector on our list apply here as well. So, it measures 9.2 lbs, 13.9 x 5.3 x 10.7 inches. So, it’s just like a pocket cinema – well not really pocket, but you can surely carry it wherever you go.

If you are a sports fan, BenQ has put some thought into making this projector perfect for that night when you and your mates gather to watch a football or sports event. This projector comes with dedicated football and sports modes as well as with the Cinema Master Audio+2.

So yes, with this projector from BenQ, you can basically move the movie session anywhere you want – other rooms, to your friends or even more complex things as watching a movie with your significant other in some peaceful outdoor location.

The TK800 is definitely a projector you’d want to look more into as it seems suited for almost everyone!

We like:

  • Very affordable
  • Standout brightness
  • Fantastic design
  • Automatic keystone adjustment
  • Low fan noise
  • Strong 3D performance
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

We don’t like:

  • Large dark frames around projected image
  • 3D projection feature can be a pain to set up


Overall, we feel that the BenQ TK800 is a fantastic home theater 4K projector that can compete with ambient light in a majority of situations while still producing a great picture. It has all of the connection types that you will ever need, in addition to sporting a very solid set of features.

Own the BenQ TK800 today

5. Vivitek HK2288-WH Home Cinema Projector

Vivitek HK2288-WH

The Vivitek HK2288-WH comes with a DLP DarkChip 3 and with the Brilliant colour technologies. This helps you see better, clearer and more vibrant images as they get projected.

Optimal – if not perfect – black levels are ensured by the astonishing 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio. Add to this the 2,000 ANSI lumens and you get an amazing level of brightness as well. No more tilting your head or getting close to the screen in order to see that detail you would’ve probably missed with a standard projector.

No, sir/ma’am! Here we talk about the best 4K projectors in 2019 – only the best quality and resolution are being taken into account; it’s time for standard projectors and their poor quality to step aside and let the big guys play your movie.

Also, when it comes to streaming stability, you will be provided with an advanced video processor as well as with 12-bit programmable RGB colour adjustments. It’s all about helping you see the best quality picture.

Having 3 HDMI 2.0 connectors, you can plug in almost every device in your household to this projector – as easy as it gets! Get your laptop, your favorite gaming console and replace your old monitor or TV with the Vivitek projector. Movies, games and every type of video will feel as real as if you walked outside and checked out the environment.

This is because of the HDR10 feature that this projector comes with. You will get better brightness levels as well as vibrancy so that the colours it will project will be as close to real life as possible.

Definitely, this 4K projector is able to provide you with some of the most mesmerizing visual experiences you can have in your lifetime!

We like:

  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Attractive design
  • Versatile
  • Perfect size
  • Consistent HDR quality
  • Good detail
  • Decent colour palate
  • Good motion processing

We don’t like:

  • The pictures aren’t as vibrant as what you might be used to
  • Might need to make some pre-movie adjustments
  • There is some clipping when it comes to bright picture areas


The Vivitek HK2288 is a well-built, high-quality projector featuring excellent 4K resolution. The definition is clear and sharp. The combination of saturation and brightness is on point. Considering factors like price and performance, we can confidently say this projector will make a decent acquisition.

Check out the Vivitek HK2288

6. Sony VPL-VW285ES Home Theater Projector

Sony VPLVW285ES Projector Review

This projector from Sony is probably what you’ve been expecting for so far. Why? Oh, let us tell you why – this will be the projector that will be able to introduce you to the true 4K resolution, as it comes with a 4096 x 20160p resolution. Yep, you read that right. The full 4K resolution, packed in a Sony projector – we already mentioned them as being the ones that have some of the first true 4K projectors out there.

This native 4K resolution packs up 8.8 million pixels and is so good at projecting that you will feel like just opening a window towards your favourite view – be it the Niagara Falls or the Shire from the Lord of the Rings. You’ll even feel like you could enter that world any time you want by simply stepping inside the 200 inches screen you will have set up in your cozy home cinema.

Sony is truly one of the leading companies when it comes to 4K projectors!

As mentioned earlier, projectors from Sony make use of the LCoS-SRXD technology – meaning that there are separate images inside the projector, for the Red, Green and Blue channels; in case you were wondering why the Shire seems so real.

The “triluminos” display comes to help that real life feeling of the colours. This is able to reproduce more tones and textures like crimson red, aqua blue, and emerald green. Basically, every tone of colour is displayed beautifully with this projector.

Of course, this quality comes with its downsides – but it’s nothing too serious. The projector has only 1500 lumens and 6,000 hours of lamp life. Compared to our previous entries, it has a bit lower values, but it does its job great! The quality of the display means everything for the guys over at Sony and they surely provide you with the best!

We like:

  • True 4K resolution
  • Great price for its features
  • Very easy to set up
  • 3-year warranty
  • Super sharp image quality

We don’t like:

  • No lens memory
  • Lacks dynamic iris


If you’re looking for a true 4k projector manufactured by a notable brand and at a price that is cheaper than its competitors, you should look no further than the Sony VPL-VW285ES.

Get the Sony VPL-VW285ES Deal

7. Acer H7850 4K HDR Projector

Acer H7850

Yes, even Acer has got into the business of 4K projectors. One of the most popular laptop manufacturers comes to help you improve your gaming nights with the H7850 4K UHD projector.

It features a 3840 x 2160p resolution, being able to display 8.3 million megapixels on your screen.

Screens of up to 120 inches will take full advantage of the DLP technology, providing you with amazing image quality as well as clarity. The 3000 lumens of brightness will make you see the image clearly in a well-lit environment as well as in daylight.

With the help of HDR compatibility, you won’t have to deal with those pixelated black stripes on your screen when a scene full of dark shadows comes on. Due to the vibrant colour infusion, all of the details in a certain scene will be perfectly preserved, for you to enjoy the movie the way it was meant to be enjoyed. You’ll no longer have to rewind the last minute and tilt your monitor screen because you think you’ve missed something – no pause, no rewind, just lay back and enjoy your movie.

Acer also managed to add a personal touch to their projector. The AcuMotion technology is really something that probably most of you have dreamed at –it generates a new, intermediate frame between two other frames and inserts that frame between those two. With the help of AcuMotion, you will say goodbye to flickering images and enjoy your favorite action movie – almost like being on the set of it.

Moreover, with its two built-in 5W speakers, you won’t need any external speakers. They provide powerful and immersive sound, helping you enjoy your games even more.

This Acer 4K UHD projector, with its 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, is a great choice if you want to enjoy gaming even more. Say goodbye to your monitor screen for a while and relax on your sofa!

We like:

  • Very affordable
  • Crisp visuals
  • Convenient lens adjustability
  • Affordable lamp replacement option
  • Wireless Projection Technology
  • Strong performance
  • Loads of brightness
  • Strong colour mode performance
  • Quality onboard audio options

We don’t like:

  • High levels of fan noise
  • Very noticeable input lag
  • Lack of 3D content support
  • Noticeable rainbow artifacts in certain modes


In the end, we feel the Acer H7850 projector is a great first projector for someone who is looking for an inexpensive way to enter the world of 4K projectors.

Check out the rare acer h7850

8. Optoma UHD51A 4K Home Cinema Projector

Optoma UHD51A

First of all, we have to mention something we think is great about this projector from Optoma – the fact that it works with Alexa. You’ll be able to control it with your voice so really all that’s left for you to do is set the projector up and take shelter on that soft sofa of yours.

With 2,400 lumens of brightness and a HDR10 support, you’ll definitely notice the brightness that this projector is able to provide you with. There’s no need to pull the curtains all the way in order to enjoy a movie session.

Black levels are ensured by the 500,000 to 1 contrast ratio – a little lower compared to our previous entries but it does its job just fine; you’ll be able to see all the detail you want to see when viewing darker scenes.

Those 8.3 million pixels are also ready for 3D Blu-ray – but keep in mind that you must have a pair of DLP-Link 3D glasses and a 3D Blu-ray player. But we’re sure you won’t want to miss the 3D experience in the comfort of your home, as well as on a 4K UHD projector screen.

This being said, this projector from Optoma, with its 3840 x 2160p resolution is a great choice and you will definitely fall in love with the image quality it is able to offer you.

We like:

  • Seamless integration of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Full 3D content support
  • Superb 4K image and video quality
  • Super quiet while running
  • Quick switching between source inputs
  • Great price for its features

We don’t like:

  • Low brightness uniformity
  • No support for Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Noticeable input lag
  • No internal Wi-Fi capability


Overall, the Optoma UHD51A represents a notable shift in the world of projectors. From the improvement of 4K projection quality to the addition of novel features like digital assistants, there are a ton of great things packed into this affordable device.

a projector compatible with voice assistants

9. Sony VPL-VW675ES 4K SXRD Projector

Sony VPL-VW675ES

Naturally, the only two entries from Sony provide us with two projectors that have a true 4K resolution – cheers to Sony for making our dreams come true! With the 4096 x 2160p resolution, this projector is clearly offering you the best that’s out there.

Namely, the most amazing image quality, optimal amounts of brightness, a 350,000 to 1 dynamic contrast, motorized zoom lens and wide lens shift, the 4K SRXD panels for all the shades of black you want to see… and the list could go on and on.

Undoubtedly, this projector offers you everything that’s available on the market. Nine picture calibration modes help you see the image as close to real life as it gets.

This one really helps you have your personal cinema – not a home cinema, but a cinema and everything that comes with it!

It comes equipped with 2000 lumens of brightness and a lamp cycle of 20,000 hours – and this really steps it up a notch from the previous Sony projector on our list.

Nothing more and nothing less as it already has everything you’d want in a 4K projector. Regarding the dynamic contrast we mentioned here earlier, we also have to say that it is labeled as infinite as well, and it is using real-time laser light level control – and if that sounds cool to you, imagine what it can do in action while seeing a movie or playing your favourite game.

This entry deserves to be named one of the best 4K projectors in 2019 and makes us eager to see what Sony has to offer us in the future – because they sure did a great job so far when it comes to projectors.

We like:

  • Motionflow and Reality Creation processing
  • Can adjust processing based on preferences
  • Sharp and clear signals, even from lower-resolution sources
  • Sleek, modern design

We don’t like:

  • Does not support the Dolby Vision HDR format
  • Steep price


There aren’t many projectors comparable to the Sony VPL-VW675ES when it comes to the sheer number of features. It is potent and adaptable to both low and high resolution sources.

Check out the Sony VPL-VW675ES

10. Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD Projector with 4K Enhancement

Epson Home Cinema 4000 3LCD

First on our list is this 4K projector from Epson, which works on the 3LCD technology – and it is definitely doing its job properly.

The projector is UHD with 4K Enhancement Technology. So, as mentioned previously, it accepts all 4K UHD content and is able to upscale the non-4K content up to a resolution greater than Full HD.

The 3LCD tech used for this Epson projector is 3-chip, meaning that you will not experience rainbow effects, white segments or colour wheel.In terms of brightness, the projector is capable of HDR10 with full 10-bit colour output. This also means that you will be able to experience colours similar to real life, which is a plus, of course. When it comes to the shades of dark, we have to mention the 140,000 to 1 contrast ratio – every scene will be equally detailed, and you won’t have to squint your eyes to see something in a darker scene.

As for the nifty features, you get a nice 2.1x zoom, powered focus, and ultra-wide lens shift – all made available to you via presets that offer up to 10 different positions to these features.

Also, the ultra wide colour Gamut delivers the digital cinema standard and the balanced colour brightness helps you see vibrant and rich colours, even if the room you are projecting in is not completely dark.

Overall, this Epson 4K projector is able to provide you with higher than standard image quality. With the help of the 3LCD technology, your visual experience will be something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Even though it’s UHD and not true 4K, this projector is definitely a safe choice for your home cinema – being also capable of 3D in high definition; well, doesn’t that sound great?

Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD (1) 3-Chip Projector with HDR
42 Reviews
Epson Home Cinema 4010 4K PRO-UHD (1) 3-Chip Projector with HDR
  • TRUE 3 CHIP PROJECTOR DESIGN - Advanced 3LCD technology displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame. This allows for outstanding color gamut while maintaining excellent brightness, without any "rainbowing" or "color brightness" issues seen with other projection technologies
  • 4K RESOLUTION PROCESSING - Advanced pixel shifting technology precisely controls three individual high definition LCD chips to parallel process millions of pixels. This new type of resolution enhancement technology results in an exceptionally sharp 4K visual experience
  • HDR PROCESSING - Full 10 bit HDR (3) color processing accepting 100% of the HDR source information to faithfully reproduce HDR content for an exceptional visual performance

Things to Know Before Buying

The first thing you should know about the 4K projectors is that while some of them have a true 4K resolution, others can only accept 4K content. Basically, this means that there are those that display the image at a 4096 x 2160 (or 3840 x 2160) resolution without pixel shifting involved; and those that accept the display of 4K content but are just 1080p projectors, also known as 4k UHD projectors.

If you need more, let’s say, geeky information on the differences between true 4K and 4K UHD – we got you covered!

A piece of hardware able to display true 4K resolution uses an 8.3-megapixel chip, or more, and has no pixel overlapping. On the other side, hardware that is referred to as 4K UHD uses 4.15-megapixel chips. Still, with the help of pixel shifting, they are able to project the image twice and reach 8 megapixels.

Still, there are some 4K UHD projectors that even when pixel shifting, they display an image of only 4.15 megapixels, which basically makes them 1920 x 1080 x 2 resolution projectors. However, most 4K UHD projectors deliver a 2716 x 1528 x 2 resolution, thus meeting the 4K UHD standards and providing you with a 2K resolution image.

Now, having informed you over what type of 4K resolution these projectors can offer, it is time for us to move on to the technology these projectors work on. We’ll dive in terms such as DLP – digital light processing, 3LCD – 3-panel liquid crystal display, and LCoS – liquid crystal on silicon. Worth mentioning is that the LCoS technology is used by the people at Sony – one of their projectors being considered the first true 4K projector – under the name LCoS-SXRD.

Of course, you might wonder what we‘re thinking when introducing you with all of these tech terms and why not just tell you which ones are the best. But, the thing is you do need some information on this topic as well, so you’d choose the perfect one for you.

In the case of 4K projectors, it’s all about the pixels, the image quality – basically about how amazing the output will look on your screen. So, if you want to make the right choice, lean back and enjoy!

We won’t start and describe to you the functioning process of the 3 types of technologies mentioned earlier, as it will be pointless. Instead, we will mention their advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, we’ll talk about DLP technology. Being able to reach a total of 37 billion colours – when being on a 3-chip architecture, not on a 1-chip DLP – 4K projectors that use the DLP tech have more natural colours and are preferred when considering a home cinema. A projector using this technology won’t give you burn-in effects, dead pixels, screen door effect and you won’t have any convergence problems.

As for the disadvantages, the 1-chip DLP models will come with a rainbow effect, because of the rotary colour filter, and they are also known to have lower colour intensity when compared to the white colour.

Moving on to the 3LCD technology, we have to mention that this is the oldest one on the market – which, in its case, makes it one of the best as well. The first thing you’ll definitely like about the 4K projectors that use this technology is that they don’t mind any additional light sources – they have superior luminosity compared to the other technologies, therefore being perfect for an outdoor home cinema or for those times when you want to watch something without turning off all the lights in a room.

Then, compared to the DLP, the colour intensity is the same and there is no rainbow effect that may occur with the 3LCD tech. Also, just for the dear consumer, that being you, it’s important to know that they consume less energy and produce less heat than the other types.

If you decide you want a projector with 3LCD technology, you should know that this type of chip is a bit more sensible to shocks – so be sure not to accidentally hit or drop it while transporting it. There’s also the chance that dead pixels will appear, as well as the screen door effect.

The LCoS technology combines both of the aforementioned technologies. Therefore, compared to 3LCD, their luminosity is even higher, making the 4K projectors with this tech being just perfect for an outdoor cinema, possibly even broad daylight projections. Also, there is no screen door effect, no rainbow effect, and all of the colours are simultaneously projected.

With the smooth image they are able to display and the much better quality when compared to the other two technologies, they do come at a fairly higher price. Keep in mind that there is also almost no competition for the LCoS technology.

Now you pretty much have all the information you need in order to make a good purchase. What’s left is to choose from the variety of 4K projectors.

You can read our in-depth guide on how to choose a 4K projector here

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, when it comes to 4K projectors, there are plenty of them you can choose from. Popular brands, as well as smaller ones, have successfully managed to create and offer us some of the best projectors out there.

We are sure, that in the close future, standard projectors that may be found in your home will be replaced by one of these 4K babies.

While the Sony VPL-VW675ES wins it when it comes to the sheer number of features and image quality, we now recognize in hindsight that it probably shouldn’t be compared to the other projectors on this list because of the massive gulf in price.

The best option really comes down to personal preferences – the display quality, the price, the brightness, the resolution, the technology the projector is functioning on. If we forced to choose one, we would give a shout out to the Optoma UHD51A because of its neat integration with Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s also less expensive than several options on this list.

There are a lot of variables you have to take into account when choosing a projector – and even more when choosing a 4K projector, but we hope that our list here has helped you get close to making your choice and that it has also provided you with essential information regarding 4K projectors.

Now, what are you waiting for? We’ve introduced you with the best 4K projectors of 2019. It’s time for you to go and set up your cozy home cinema, prepare your popcorn and grab your favourite beverage, lean back in your sofa and enjoy the revolution that is the 4K display.