The LG HU710PW impresses all around. Excellent 4K HDR image detail, hybrid laser-LED light source, vibrant colors, realism, simple home screen, easy navigation, affordability, name it. The LG HU710PW is up to the challenge. Vudu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Prime Video, Disney+. LG has made it very simple to access all your favorite content from popular streaming services via their webOS 6.0 platform.

It is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of having all the features of a top-quality home theater system all in one box, especially when all you have to do is plug everything in and power it up.

You have built-in internet browsing. You can connect to local file storage, screen share casting with Android devices, Apple AirPlay 2, and more. What’s more, it’s capable of serving you impressive images of around 300 inches diagonally from its hybrid laser and LED light source.

For me, the LG HU710PW is simply a winner. I know gamers might feel left out, The good news is the LG HU710PW can handle casual gaming while you enjoy beautiful images on your screen. Let’s dig into some of its features.

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Features of LG HU710PW Projector

Built like a tank!

LG HU710PW comes with a white, gently curved chassis and a matte finish. It isn’t too big or small. It will easily go well with your furniture and home décor.

The HU710PW has a nice, solid feel that gives you the impression this projector is built like a tank. The HU710PW’s gently curved surface, sharp edges,  and predominantly white finish reflect light very effectively with minimal loss of brightness.

The lens is slightly off-center. You have grayish zoom and focus knobs hidden under a slide-out hood right above the lens, which is quite a nice touch. Perhaps a minor detail, but this concealment is consistent with its overall design.

The 710PW looks cleaner and more refined with a more futuristic look. For me, the look works because every time I see it in my living room, I’m impressed by how beautiful and professionally made this projector is.

As for its dimensions, the chassis is rectangular with is rather deeper than it is wide. It’s 10.2 x 4.8 x 15.3 inches and a little just over 14 lbs. This should be light enough to move around.

What more is the cable management area with the HU710PW is clean and uncluttered. The power cable is long enough to keep it from dangling when connected to a power source.

For connectivity, along with the power port, the rear panel has three HDMI ports(one HDMI 2.1 and two HDMI 2.0);

  • an optical digital audio output port
  • along with two USB ports, through which you can connect to local storage, mouse, or even a gaming pad; and,
  • LAN for the internet.

The HU710PW is silent enough. It virtually generates no noise and you’ll sit down and dance to the tunes of music from its rather good built-in 10-watt stereo dual speaker. The fan will not interfere with your entertainment.

LG also provides Bluetooth support which users can pair with Bluetooth speakers or, use appropriate headphones if they don’t want to disturb others in the house. Plus, you won’t have to worry about it getting hot. The ventilation system on its side works properly to cool the projector.

With LG’s magic remote, you will have complete control over the HU710PW, including Advanced settings like brightness and clarity,  source selection, volume adjustment, input management, and audio options. You can scan through the image options like HDR tone mapping, and more.

Quick and flexible setup

For installation purposes, the HU710PW is designed to be easy to set up. You don’t have to worry about complex assembly or bending over to get the last screw in. The LG HU710PW comes complete and ready to use.

Get the HU710PW, place it on a table or, a flat surface, plug it into a power supply, pair it with a sound bar, and you are good to go.

You can also place it on a mounting stand, that is, if you have one and turn it on for the best images or mount in on a ceiling.

A perfectly balanced interface

It would have been one thing if LG had slapped in a few apps on the interface and called it a day but no, they have done better. The HU710PW has a professional-looking platform with a user interface that is uncluttered, easy to read and easy to operate.

The home screen, on the right side of the screen, shows a wide variety of settings you can control or access. The most important settings are right there at your fingertips.

LG has made it possible for users to change audio options like sound field effects, and dialog enhancement right on the home screen without going through several layers of menus. This reminds me of the LG ThinQ AI.

Includes LG ThinQ AI

LG leads the way when it comes to voice recognition. Its own ThinQ AI platform turns the HU710PW into that friend you can talk to and share a laugh with. It learns to understand what you say, and to respond in a way that suits your mood.

All you have to say is, “Hi, LG” and watch your favorite 4K HDR content from Netflix, YouTube or Amazon Prime Video or listen to Spotify or even use the built-in web browser. You don’t have to go through a long setup process.

It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which means you won’t need an external listening device at all.

WebOS 6.0 to access your favorite content

The 710PW runs on webOS 6.0 which isn’t something new, but it was made to be user-friendly and intuitive right out of the box. App support is surprisingly good; Netflix streams in 4K with both HDR and Dolby Vision as well as Dolby Atmos when available. YouTube plays in 4K and Amazon in both UHD and HDR.

You’ll be able to catch up with TV programs with webOS 6.0 and enjoy easy access to your favorite content from popular streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Prime Video, and more as we’ve seen above. WebOS 6.0 also allows for content recommendations based on your viewing history.

Share your screen with wireless Miracast and AirPlay

You need not bother with cables. You can also use the LG HU710PW to project your favorite content from your iOS or Android devices. You can stream or play any content that is on your device through the HU710PW with Miracast and AirPlay.

Enjoy 4K Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video content through Miracast which lets you wirelessly stream video to a compatible device in real-time. The LG HU710PW also supports video mirroring on supported apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and more. So, how do the images show on LG HU710PW?

Image quality and performance

The images are sharp, colorful, and realistic with a wide viewing angle. No matter where you sit in the room, you’ll get the best picture quality possible.

The autofocus is on target giving a sharp picture even in ambient light conditions, and when watching 4K HDR content on YouTube or Netflix, there are no visible artifacts or moiré patterns. The pixel quality and color accuracy are just commendable.

You can switch to cinema home mode for the best images that will stun your eyes at all times.

Watching a movie on LG HU710PW is akin to sitting down and watching it at a cinema with its bright and sharp images coupled with natural colors just like what we see in life.

710PW also has an improved light engine which means you’ll see even brighter images on the screen. This translates to a better experience when watching movies or, playing games.

You won’t miss any details or get distracted by what’s going on outside the images. Likewise, flaws and strange effects like halos will be completely missing on your screen.

Step up your game with 4K HDR gaming

4K HDR gaming is as good as it gets right now. You can connect your PS5, Xbox series X, or other gaming consoles and enjoy games like Battlefield 1, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2, Assassin’s Creed Unity and many more.

Though the HU710PW has an HDMI 2.1 port, it is limited to 24GB/s for Dolby Atmos and high-resolution audio. So, you’re only capable of gaming in 4K60 HDR. 710PW will turn on game mode for the lowest input lag possible with its auto-latency mode.

Even with Game Mode on, the HU710PW still has an input of around 50ms which is good for both casual and competitive gaming as well. Single-player games look great and the pictures look fantastic.

With an image size of around 300 inches diagonally, you’ll find playing such games immersive and bright. You have access to the Game optimizer that lets you change game presets,  black and white stabilizer, frame rate, and AI.

With all these features in mind, let’s analyze the pros and cons of the HU710PW and see if it is worth your money.

Pros of LG HU710PW

  • Impresses all around – LG HU710PW is a powerhouse in so many ways and we’ve already mentioned most of what it has to offer. The bright images and superb performance are one thing, but the extra features like webOS 6.0 and ThinQ AI really take this television to a new level.
  • Value for money – for this price, you’re getting a lot of features that you won’t find elsewhere. The overall performance is what makes the HU710PW a great buy for the money (at $2,299.99).
  • Easiest 4K HDR streaming we’ve seen – the webOS 6.0 is the easiest to use in our experience and it makes streaming content that much easier. You don’t have to adjust settings or configure anything. All you have to do is just say, “Hi, LG” and enjoy your favorite content.
  • Bright and color-rich images – the HU710PW isn’t just a good-looking home theater; it can produce bright, rich and vibrant images that will send you in a trance. You’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from the screen.

Cons of LG HU710PW

Low input lag – while 50ms isn’t bad for a 4K HDR TV, it is lower than that of other premium 4K HDR units in the market. This means you can’t play fast-paced and highly competitive games on HU710PW.

Bright picture mode is very green –  the picture quality of the LG HU710PW is extremely good and you won’t be disappointed with the images. All you need to do is choose a balanced picture mode and everything will fall into its place. You’ll, however, love the brightness, black level, contrast ratio, color accuracy and more.

If you’re still not convinced that this projector is for you, here are some alternatives worth considering.

Alternatives of LG HU710PW

For an extra $200, you can have LG HU810PW to enjoy brighter images. The HU810PW offers up to 2,700 lumens of brightness which is a lot more than the HU710PW (2,000 ANSI lumens). One reason why you should opt for HU810PW is that it can get brighter than the HU710PW which suggests more contrast and deeper blacks that will ultimately improve your viewing experience for your favorite movies and TV shows.

Another option is LG HU70LAB; an HDR XPR 4K UHD DLP home theater. It isn’t better than HU710PW, but it costs less and has some features that make it a viable alternative.


LG has been known for years for the quality of its products and HU710PW is no different.  It is well thought out with excellent overall performance and a great image quality courtesy of webOS 6.0 and ThinQ AI.

You might be underwhelmed by the input lag when you compare it to other models out there, but even then, it is still capable of streaming 4K HDR gaming with very good images. It does perform exceptionally well and has a plethora of features that you won’t find anywhere else at its price point.