In a world with established projector brands like Sony,  LG, and BenQ, WeMax Dice comes out as a pretty unfamiliar name brand.

From its size, appearance, and price, this small projector has enough qualities to stand out. Bright pictures with plenty of details, speakers, built-in battery,  autofocus, and more. Basically, WEMAX Dice is built for portability and watching movies, anywhere, especially in completely dark rooms.

The Dice can clearly project a moving image or user-supplied graphic onto any surface up to 2.26m. That’s enough to cover most walls in your house with realistic images (up to 85 inches diagonally) at 1080p. Even better, your friends will have an easy time watching what’s going on on your screen without crowding around a tiny screen.

What’s also noticeable is its dual 5W driver the WEMAX Dice which is capable of producing decent sound with a good amount of bass for its size, and it does so over Bluetooth within 30 feet range. Let’s just dive right into its features and see what the Dice has up its sleeve.

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Features of the WEMAX Dice Projector

You can stream your content anywhere

One thing you’ll notice when you unbox WEMAX Dice is its amazingly small, compact design. Projector sizes aren’t really that important if you plan to permanently install it on a ceiling in your home theater, for example.

But, if you plan to use a projector for backyard movies, road trips, or say in your friend’s house, in such a context, a compact and lightweight projector — like, WEMAX Dice — is a convenient choice.

There’s also this detachable yellow carrying strap on its top, which is quite a nice touch. You can simply pick it up with its handles and move the projector around easily.

Simple, aluminum chassis

Noticeably, the yellow carrying strap goes really well with the WEMAX Dice plastic and aluminum design which spreads out into this grayish-like color on its surface – patterned with mesh grills across all sides.

The mesh grills are there as some sort of ventilation to cool down the projector when used continually. So, if you were worried about WEMAX Dice heating up, worry less. Generally, the overall look and design feel solid without much weight (4.8lbs only).

Multiple connectivity options

Besides, we have a power button also on top. There are actually no other physical controls like the autofocus knob on WEMAX Dice. On its back, it contains all the connectivity options it has to offer.

There’s the audio jack, to which you can connect headphones or other external speaker solutions. You have a single HDMI 2.0 port, with an HDMI cord to simultaneously transmit digital content on your screen.

It also includes a USB port for displaying your movies and other favorite content from storage devices like USB disks. Plus, it has a DC IN for a power supply connection which lets you charge your projector.

Built-in battery that can last up to 3 hours

When it comes to battery life, the WEMAX Dice stores up to a 16,000mAh lithium battery.

You can use this projector to stream content for up to 3 hours when there’s no power supply nearby. Combined with its ultra portability feature, you can take this projector anywhere –say, on a vacation – and watch what you want, where you want, as long as you have some screen to project against.

WEMAX Dice does include a power connection cable. This means you can watch as much content as you want, endlessly, without being limited to the battery life only. You can connect wirelessly to WEMAX Dice via its Bluetooth solution to get the best sounds from the Dice.

Android 9.0 TV interface

This is where things start to get interesting. The Android 9.0 TV turns the Dice into this hub of entertainment where you have access to more than 5,000 apps in Google PlayStore.

All it takes is a Wi-Fi connection (2.4GHz or 5GHz) to remotely access and stream content over the projector’s Android interface from major apps like YouTube TV, Disney +, Prime Video, Hulu, Showtime, ESPN, Crunchyroll, Nick, Cartoon Network, Vudu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and more for media watching.

As though that isn’t enough, WEMAX Dice includes a 16GB storage space where you can actually download and store these Google PlayStore apps. Alongside just streaming content directly from the projector, WEMAX Dice also supports Chromecast for wirelessly mirroring content.

You’ll be able to cast, stream, and control all your favorite content from your phone, tablet, and other devices. So, theoretically, you can just walk up with your phone and cast any media content “live” onto whatever surface you have WEMAX Dice on.

What most of you will certainly find annoying is the lack of Netflix support which is basically the most popular streaming app. You need not worry though. You can still access Netflix through external solutions like Firestick and Roku via the HDMI port.

You can also cast Netflix through your phone since WEMAX Dice does support Chromecast.

700 ANSI lumens isn’t strong enough for daily use

WEMAX Dice puts up around 700 lumens. That’s only sufficient enough in dark areas for you to enjoy clear, crisp, and lifelike images on your screen. It can stand up to even a small amount of ambient light like most of the projectors within its price category.

erHowev, if you intend to use it during the day, you’ll need to surround yourself with black curtains or blinds so that the light doesn’t escape your projector. In fact, the more light there is, the picture clarity is washed out.

Although the brightness on WEMAX Dice is quite low, it’s still capable of projecting clear images on large screens – within the advertised range of screen size to get the max performance, not to mention the brightness on a smaller screen.

Can display large images clearly, up to 120” screen size

At just 3.4 feet in front of a screen, the WEMAX Dice is capable of projecting impressive and colorful images on your wall, 40 inches diagonally. The distance is something you will have to play around with to get the right size and clear images you want on your wall.

With a little extra space, that is, at around 7 feet (2.26m) from your screen, you can still enjoy clear and bright images. Beyond that, the images will begin to fade out and lose their quality/fidelity.

Fairly good image quality

There are some pros and cons to the WEMAX Dice when it comes to image quality. On the good side, Dice has a sharp full HD (1920 X 1080p) display resolution and maintains enough clarity with no noticeable pixelation at any advertised screen size. Besides, the colors are accurate with a 4-channel LED color spectrum that has a wide color gamut.

Some of the major drawbacks, however, are the lamp brightness and extremely low image contrast ratio. Daytime viewing with 700 ANSI lumens, and even lower, will quickly wash out the image.

This added to WEMAX’s extremely poor image contrast (300:1) compounds this issue. Basically, you’ll need some way to control light level, as suggested before, to get the max performance from WEMAX Dice.

Automatic focus with 4 point keystone correction: Angles are not a problem anymore

WEMAX Dice has 4 point keystone correction that allows you to place the projector at any angle and still be able to project a 16:9 ratio image. It has both vertical and horizontal keystone correction that adjusts skewing at all sides of the image.

This keystone correction spans angles as wide as 45 degrees. So if you don’t have an entirely flat surface for placing the projector or a level mounting surface, you won’t have to worry about skewed images anymore.

Light diffusion for eye-friendly projection

Most projectors don’t prioritize the eye health of their customers. WEMAX Dice does this by using the light diffusion technique. Instead of having to strain your eyes to see direct images, this projector reflects images before displaying them on a surface.

This way your eyes are well protected from strain even after prolonged periods of use. So if you are a big fan of binge watching TV shows, you won’t have to worry about deteriorating the health of your eyes.

Theatre-esque audio

Although most projectors are not usually acknowledged for having great audio properties, by these standards, WEMAX Dice does impressively well. This is because it is laced with Dolby Audio.

Dolby Audio utilizes Dolby Digital’s proprietary advanced audio processing technologies to give you a spirited and immersive audio experience. All of this is built into 2 speakers which also support DTS to deliver a cinematic audio feeling.

This is especially important since you won’t have to incur additional expenses to purchase external speakers. WEMAX Dice’s speakers also have a built-in Bluetooth feature which allows you to use it as an independent speaker without having to recruit its projection capabilities.

Price and availability

At only $700, you can get the WEMAX Dice projector and enjoy this set of features with plenty of budget-friendly options for future upgrades. Sure, it might be slightly pricier than some of its competition, but you are getting a whole lot more for your money. You don’t have to break the bank if you’re looking for a great projector within this price range.

Pros of WEMAX Dice

  • Easy to move around – since it only weighs just 4.8 pounds, the WEMAX Dice is easy to carry around in a small bag, by hand, or even in a backpack.
  • Easy setup and all-in-one package – you will only need a power cable, HDMI cord, remote control, and the projection device itself. You can even use it immediately out of the box by simply placing it on a flat surface and turning it on.
  • No setup cost – you don’t have to install any wires or anything like that, WEMAX Dice works straight out of the box which means no installation cost for you
  • Easily compatible with almost all devices – due to its wide range of connectivity options WEMAX Dice can connect and deliver seamless compatibility with a wide variety of devices like laptops, tablets, phones etc.
  • Sharp full HD resolution – with full HD resolution you can enjoy images of the finest quality, even on large screens.
  • 4-channel LED color spectrum – the 4-channel LED color spectrum enhances image properties like light, contrast, and color accuracy. It also produces good accuracy on all R, G, B and Y channels, images will not be overly saturated or dull.

Alternatives to WEMAX Dice

Optoma UHD38 is a massive improvement on WEMAX Dice. It offers a massive brightness of 4,000 lumens to make up for the low image quality you see in WEMAX. Plus, Optoma UHD38 has a low input lag of 16ms at 4K display resolution. So, if you are a gamer and you felt left out, with a little over $600, you can get Optoma UHD38.

Another great option is the XGIMI Halo. While it improves on every feature of WEMAX Dice with clearer, color accurate and vivid images, the XGIMI Halo does share most features with Dice. It is only $49 more expensive than WEMAX Dice.


As far as entertainment goes, WEMAX Dice is a great projector to watch movies at night or in completely dark rooms. It not only offers a sharp full HD display resolution with vivid and accurate colors, it is also one of the most affordable and compact projectors you can find on the market. Just remember to adjust the lamp brightness when watching movies, especially if your rooms are dimly lit.

However, if you are looking for a projector that has a lot of control over your image quality and image projection, you will want to opt for something else like Optoma UHD38 or known brands like LG, or Sony as they give you more options.