Today, we’re reviewing the Optoma EH412ST projector. Right off the bat, we can tell you it has a short throw lens and it’s pretty bright. This projector fits well for those with smaller rooms, but still want that huge picture. It’s a reasonably priced projector so you don’t have to break your budget as well.

With so many projectors out there, we know how overwhelmed you could get on your search. We’re here to review the projector for you just to make your life a tad easier. Let’s look at everything you need to know about the Optoma EH412ST.

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Who is the Optoma EH412ST Good For?

Utilizing a short ratio 0.5:1 projector lens, the Optoma EH412ST is ideal for those who want a large image size while keeping the projector near the wall. If you want something right out of the box ready to set up and enjoy, this projector might be right for you. Additionally, if you’re on the go and plan on bringing your projector, you should consider it.

The EH412ST is small enough to move around pretty easily. Say you want to bring it to your work conference room for presentations, you can do that. If you want to watch your projector back-and-forth between, let’s say, a finished basement and an outdoor patio, it’s great!

The integrated speakers along with a stellar lamp life means that it’s low maintenance. First-time buyers looking for a projector should have no headaches with the EH412ST. It does everything you need it to do.

Who isn’t the Optoma EH412ST Good For?

Those of you who love the newest technology might want to look for something a little more extravagant. The Optoma EH412ST is exceptional, but it definitely is tipped towards value rather than a cream of the crop product. What do we mean exactly? You get a solid 1080p picture quality, but it’s still not 4k. The EH412ST comes with decent, easy to use built-in speakers, but it’s not going to be booming with electrifying sound.

Lastly, some people are thrilled about smart technology. Building a fancy home theatre today usually means hands-free devices and voice command tech. Unfortunately, the EH412ST doesn’t have any Wifi or Bluetooth integration which means it won’t be as compatible with smart technology.


The Optoma EH412ST is packed with high value features that offer you plenty of bang for your buck. Lots of the features are based around setting up with ease, performing little to no maintenance, and mobility.  Let’s have a look at each feature available.

Short Throw Lens

Probably the biggest selling point of this projector. The short throw lens casts the picture from just a few feet away. If you’re in a tight space like an office, the short throw lens is really special. You don’t even have to mount the EH412ST with a lens like this.

DLP Technology

Optoma claims that with DLP technology, the Optoma EH412ST is “Designed to provide higher contrast, faster response time, and good pixel structure”. They do stay pretty true to their promises with DLP technology. Even in a bright room (like a classroom) the EH412ST won’t sacrifice pixels. You won’t get dim looking colors either in well-lit areas which is a common issue with economy projectors.

Wireless Presentations

As we mentioned before, the Optoma EH412ST is wonderful for a work conference room. Not only could you set it up quickly, but you could do wireless presentations. You can connect right away to your computer (PC, Mac, or even mobile device) using the free App HDCast Pro. Share documents, briefs, and idea pitches seamlessly.

Integrated Speakers

What’s more convenient than having your speakers built right in? There’s no need to spend extra money on external speakers if you’re content with exceptional sound. Not to mention, the integrated speakers save you setup time if you’re moving from place to place.


Here are some pros of the Optoma EH412ST:

Plug and Play

The EH412ST is small and lightweight, making it an excellent portable option. It’s great for people using the projector for work purposes where they carry it around frequently. It’s compact and doesn’t require mounting if you find a good enough spot (like a table).

Exceptional Picture Quality

You aren’t going to get vibrant colors in 4k, but you’ll get high-definition 1080p. On a side note, while the Optoma EH412ST doesn’t display in 4k, it does still support it. The Dynamic Black Technology adjusts your lamp output which provides crisp darks, lights, and shadows. Think of the picture quality as an HD TV. It’s a really good quality display for the price.

High Lamp Brightness

The Optoma EH412ST has a brightness of 4,000 lumens. It’s meant to be adaptable in nearly any environment. The high lamp brightness is definitely a plus for this projector. You can use it in broad daylight if you want to. It’s a “one size fits all” kind of projector. Even with its impressive brightness, the EH412ST doesn’t have distracting fan noise either.

Long Lamp Lifespan

Yes, the lamps are bright, but they are also durable. It’s estimated that the lamps could last up to 15,000 hours. Basically, this projector is very low-maintenance and has a long life for a portable device.

Extensive Connectivity

There’s plenty of connectivity options for all of your devices. The EH412ST has 2 HDMI ports, VGA in and out, audio in and out, USB ports, and the RS232 cable.


And here are some not-so-great things about the Optoma EH412ST…

No Built-in Bluetooth or Wifi

Most of the control and commands on the Optoma EH412ST come from a cable. It has a somewhat useful feature where you can charge devices with a USB. Otherwise, there is no built-in Bluetooth or wifi capabilities. It’s not so great if you’re committed to building a smart home theater.

Integrated Speakers Aren’t too Powerful

While the integrated speakers are a convenient touch, they aren’t powerful. With only 10 watts they aren’t made to knock your whole basement with bass. You’ll have to buy some external speakers if you want impressive sound.

No Zoom or Shift

The short throw lens is definitely a huge pro for short distance. However, you have to find the sweet spot to get a perfect picture display. This means if you mount the projector, it could be really frustrating to handle. The best thing you can do is place this projector on a table (or usual spot) instead of mounting it. It will be easier to adjust the picture this way.

Alternatives to the Optoma EH412ST 

Now if you aren’t yet sold on the Optoma EH412ST at this point in this review, that is totally fine because there are other options you could consider. There’s a projector for everybody out there that suits your lifestyle differently. We found other alternatives that pack a harder punch than what the EH412ST can offer. They cost more, but you get enhanced display, sound and integration.

Let’s look at two alternatives to the EH412ST that you might be interested in.

VAVA 4K UHD Laser TV Home Theatre Projector – The Premium Alternative

You’ll find the VAVA 4K projector to likely be more than double the price of the Optoma EH412ST, but this projector has all of the bells and whistles. Not satisfied with 1080p? The VAVA 4K has a massive 150” display in (you guessed it) 4K resolution. It also uses the ultra short throw lens with a 0.233:1 ratio.

The 2,500 ANSI lumen brightness creates punchy colors and pure sharpness. Additionally, it has a built-in 60 watt Harman Kardon speaker making this projector an absolute sound powerhouse. If you want a premium speaker rather than the value packed EH412ST, this is your choice.

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Home Theater Projector – The Safe Alternative

The BenQ TK800M is going to be right around the same price as the Optoma EH412ST, but it addresses some of its disadvantages. For example, the TK800M has a 4k display along with built-in 5w speakers. There’s an immersive sound mode where you can hear delicate details and some deep bass.

While the 4K is already an exciting feature, it has the auto vertical keystone function for perfect alignment. It’s incredibly easy to adjust your picture from anywhere, and it comes with a mount. Overall, if you would rather sacrifice the short throw lens for a headache-free alignment setup, this alternative is probably your better choice. Check out our BenQ TK800 review here.


Overall, we recommend the Optoma EH412ST for a few different reasons. If you’re going to spend a thousand dollars on a projector, it should definitely make you feel confident in your purchase. That’s exactly what the EH412ST does. There is lots of value for the price. It most likely won’t disappoint you in any setting, and it’s still on par with display features.

The durable and bright lamps are excellent, and most people are still content with a 1080p display right now anyway. You’ll get a compact projector that you can essentially bring anywhere. It’s easy to set up right out of the box and doesn’t need much modification to it. What you see, is what you get!

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