The Optoma HD28HDR is an HDR projector that can display HD quality videos and images. HDR, also known as high dynamic range video, is usually found in many premium TVs and monitors. Usually, products with HDR can be on the expensive side. However, the Optoma HD28HDR offers great video quality for a more affordable price.

In other words, if you want an HD projector for a good price, this is a great product to invest in.

And unlike a lot of other projectors that are on the lower end of the price spectrum, Optoma HD28HDR does offer high dynamic range video.

HDR is kind of hit or miss with projectors, as this type of video quality works a lot better with TVs that have more of a light source. OLED, in particular, can really make HDR pop out on a screen. Still, projectors, and this projector, in particular, have their own strengths that give them an edge over TVs.

So, while you won’t see a vast difference with the added HDR in this projector, for the price of the Optoma HD28HDR, there is a lot to love about this product. We’ll talk more about the specs and features of the Optoma HD28HDR. This way you can get a feel for the Optoma and figure out whether this is the right HDR projector for your home!

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Who Should Buy The Optoma HD28HDR?

So, who exactly is this Optoma HD28HDR meant for, and which buyers are the best fit for this projector device. We’ll answer this question in this portion of the post.

Really, the Optoma HD28HDR is an ideal projector for anyone that wants to display HD videos and images and those who use HDR often. In short, people who really want to use HDR with a projector will get the most out of this product.

For instance, anyone who plays games with high spec consoles will benefit from the HDR in this device. In addition, movie nights can be enhanced with Optoma HD28HDR, as this is a great device for a home theater.

Again, the HDR is not going to be at peak levels with a projector. But, it is a nice added feature for people that care about video quality and anyone who wants to display high definition quality in their home!

The HDR does enhance anything you project and this device comes in at a great price. Especially if you are trying to save money! Finally, if anyone is looking to buy a projector to replace their TV, this is a perfect option.

Projectors are not perfect, but they can have benefits that make them better than televisions. Oftentimes actually, projectors can even have better image quality than a normal TV. This is because the color contrast thrown by projects makes videos and images far more crisp. You can also adjust the size of the image and create a bigger viewing area for any movies or videos. With a TV, you are stuck with the screen size you have and can’t really adjust the image size, though.

Features of the Optoma HD28HDR

The Optoma HD28HDR has a range of features that will interest plenty of people who want to use HD projectors. We’ll talk about the most important features of this product here. So, keep reading to find out exactly what this projecting device can do.

Displays 1080p

To begin with, Optoma HD28HDR is capable of producing picture quality up to 1080p. 1080p is great for most gaming and movies. Although we are moving into the world of 4K, this is still plenty good for any viewing experience.

Compatible With 4K

Optoma HD28HDR is compatible with 4K, as well. But unfortunately, this product will not display 4K videos fully. Though it can read 4K signals and put them in 1080p quality. For some people, this could be a deal-breaker. Still, 1920x1080p is great for most consumers looking to buy a projector.

If you’re looking for 4K options, we have a detailed list here.

HDR Compatible

Overall, though, the video quality for this device is on the high end, as the Optoma HD28HDR is an HDR-compatible device. Especially considering the price, you can’t go wrong with this product.

The images projected through it are vivid, clear, and highly detailed. It is also good for bright colors and looks great in more illuminated rooms. Though some people do complain that darker tones and colors don’t show up as well as brighter colors on this device.

3D Capabilities and High Lumen Specs

Other features include 3D and lumen specs that go up to 3,600. The lumen specs create a nice bright picture that is easy to see. And if you like watching movies in 3D, the Optoma can accommodate your needs. Though you will have to buy 3D glasses separately and from a third-party company.

Two HDMI Ports Available For Connection

HDMI ports are present in this device, as well. It does not have a PC input, but you can plug in HDMI cords in two different spots. This makes it easy to connect your projector to any other device or speakers.

Pros of the Optoma HD28HDR

  • This projector is not cheap, but in comparison to a lot of other products, Optoma HD28HDR offers an affordable price range for users looking for a nice HDR projector. Again, we would highly recommend this project for people who want HDR but don’t want to spend a fortune.
  • Optoma HD28HDR is great for gaming with higher frame rates and HD graphics. You can also use this projector for movie nights and really enhance your home theater experience.
  • The projector also has a power-saving mode that will reduce electricity costs and enhance the lifespan of this device to up to 10,000 viewing hours. Other settings offer up to 15,000 hours of use. Though the projection will be a little less bright on certain power saving modes.
  • Along with high-quality video output, the Optoma HD28HDR also boasts a fast response rate. Especially if you are gaming, this can be important. This projector is fast and efficient and will quickly display anything you want it to. It even has a gaming mode specifically designed for console use. So, you won’t have any lagging with this device.
  • Finally, this is an easy-to-use product. You can connect this device to many other devices and control your projector with a single remote.

Cons of the Optoma HD28HDR

  • HDR is a great feature that marginally enhances video quality for this projector, but it doesn’t work as well as it does on a normal TV screen
  • Standard quality videos don’t always look great on this project. In fact, HD videos look a lot more rich and colorful on this device. So we recommend getting this device if you want to project higher quality videos, games, and images.
  • Optoma HD28HDR does display up to 1080p quality, and it can also receive signals from 4k videos. But unfortunately, Optoma HD28HDR does not actually project in 4k. For most people, this won’t matter, but if you want a true 4k projector this is not the product for you.
  • Optoma HD28HDR does not have the best range. What this means is that you can have the projector too far away from the wall you are projecting towards. But it does allow for up to 11 feet of distance, which isn’t so bad in a smaller space.

Alternatives to the Optoma HD28HDR

Optoma HD28HDR is a great projector device that has a lot to offer users. Still, if you are looking for something more high-end, or are looking for an alternative to this product, we’ll mention a few alternative projectors you can look into.

In our opinion, though, Optoma HD28HDR is one of the better budget HDR projectors.

Our first recommendation is the Optoma HD146X.

The Optoma HD146X is slightly cheaper but still offer 1080p resolution and many features you would get with the HD28HDR. For all its similarities to the Optoma HD28HDR, you completely miss out on HDR compatibility with the Optoma HD146X.

BenQ TH685 is another option you could take a look at. It’s a little pricier than the Optoma HD28HDR and has many of the same features. It also has HDR and great picture quality.

Here’s a list of several budget 1080p options.


TVs aren’t the only devices offering cutting-edge visual technology. In fact, as projector devices continue to advance, the benefits of these products continue to grow.

Not only can you create your very own home theater, but you can get beautiful images and videos projected in a range of sizes with this type of device. Optoma HD28HDR is a well-priced HDR projector that will have much to offer you.

From its great image quality and its focus on HDR features, you should be able to spend your free time enjoying videos and other HD content to the fullest extent. Despite a few cons, Optoma HD28HDR is a product worth looking into. The cost and features included with the Optoma make it perfect for any home!

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