The GT1090HDR is the latest laser projector from Optoma. This model is an upgraded version of the GT1080HDR projector and is made specifically for gamers and movie lovers. It also improves on several key features, including lamp life and visual quality, which makes it well worth your money.

Throughout the rest of this post, we’ll talk in more detail about the features of this product, as well as, the pros and cons of the GT1090HDR. This is a pricey projector, but it is perfect for gamers that are looking for a high-quality laser projector.

Homeowners who want to create their very own home theater can also benefit from this easy to install short-throw projector. So, if you want to find out more information about the GT1090HDR, keep reading this post.

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Features of the ​​Optoma GT1090HDR:

High-quality video projection

​​Optoma GT1090HDR offers some of the best high-definition video projection on the market. In particular, the images displayed by this device are 1080p (1920×1080) resolution. It also has 4K input and HDR compatibility which creates even sharper and brighter video quality.

Adding to the value of this product, the contrast ratio of the ​​Optoma GT1090HDR is also noticeably higher than other devices. At 300,000: 1 this device is able to create crisp and detailed images with very little compression. This makes it comparable to the picture quality found in cinemas.

Dynamic range of colors

GT1090HDR also supports HDR10 and HLG’s high dynamic range for better color output and appearance. What this means is that you will see darker hues of black, brighter whites, and much better color detail when using this particular projector.

Extreme black technology used with this device also enhances the contrast of darker images and makes it easier to see images in various light settings. So, if you want the best gaming or movie-watching experience, then getting this product is a must!

Short throw lens

​​Optoma GT1090HDR uses a short-throw lens. What this means is that you can place your projector close to the surface you are projecting on. You also have the option to make a smaller or larger screen depending on where you put your device.

This HDR product can create images up to 100 inches in length when you place it at least four feet away from your projecting surface. Smaller images can be created when your device is placed at a closer location.

You can expect a throw range of around 4 inches all the way up to 4 feet, and the shorter throw range makes this product perfect for smaller rooms and home theaters.

Low input lag

Lower input lag allows gamers to play on the latest-gen consoles smoothly and without any delay. The GT1090HDR has been upgraded to a 16.4ms input lag with this latest model. You just need to use the enhanced game mode to get the input lag low enough for gaming.

Typically, GT1090HDR  has a rate of 49.8ms when placed in other picture modes. 49.8ms is what is found on most TVs at a mid-range price and is not a bad input rate. But you can get a much lower input rate with enhanced mode.

And, with the new update to the GT1090HDR software, you can keep game mode on no matter what picture mode you are in. Overall, gamers will have a great experience with this device. There is no choppiness and the color and resolution of this device are great for all types of games and consoles.

Reliable laser light source

The GT1090HDR uses a laser light source which brings maximum productivity and efficiency to this device. Without the use of traditional lamplight, this projector runs longer and faster. You can operate the ​​Optoma GT1090HDR for upwards of 30,000 hours.

In addition, the energy cost for this device is low and you won’t have to replace filters or other parts within this projector which will save you money. Typically, with lamp light projectors, you might have to replace the lamp after many hours of usage. Optics can also accumulate dust.

The GT1090HDR, though, has dust resistance and a strong and durable engine that keeps it operational for longer than your average projector. Laser technology also keeps the light source in top working condition.

High lumen power

GT1090HDR has a high lumen rating that can really improve your home theater experience. At 4,200 lumens this Optoma projector can work in almost any setting. You can place it in various rooms around your home from gaming rooms, to larger family rooms.

But, you also have the option to use this product outdoors, as well as, indoors. Whether you want to have a backyard movie night, a tailgate party, or even some campsite fun with a movie, the GT1090HDR has you covered.

Really, the brightness of the projector makes this a truly versatile device, as it allows media to be seen in both dark rooms and brighter areas of your home, as well as any outside spaces.

Easy connectivity 

GT1090HDR can be hooked up to almost any device. This includes your Firesticks, Apple TV, Chromecast, PCs, Macs, gaming consoles, and many other media players. Device connection is made through various inputs.

The projector has two HDMI ports that allow for 4K input, VGA input and output is available, two audio inputs are available, a mic input is also present, you also get a USB and micro USB port, ethernet, and a few other inputs.

True 3D capability

Finally, if you are looking to get a projector that can display true 3D, then the GT1090HDR is the right device for you. 3D videos require the right technology and quality. GT1090HDR can work with virtually any device and project 3D in beautiful color and sharpness.

You can use this function with Blu-ray Disc devices, your next-gen game consoles, and many other types of 3D broadcasting platforms. The 120Hz rapid refresh rate of the GT1090HDR provides a seamless 3D experience without lag or blurriness. But you do need to get 3D glasses separately if you want to use the GT1090HDR for 3D media.

Pros and Cons of the Optoma GT1090HDR

On the whole, the Optoma GT1090HDR is a great projector that has a lot to offer. The visuals and quality of the GT1090HDR make this one of the best laser projectors on the market. However, you need to consider the pros and cons of this product before you make any purchases.

We’ll go over both the positives and negatives of the GT1090HDR. This way you can judge whether this is the right projector for your home.

Pros of the Optoma GT1090HDR

Provides high definition visuals in HDR

HDR is a newer form of media viewing that changes the way we view movies, video games, and other types of popular media. The Optoma GT1090HDR is HDR compatible, and with its 1080p resolution and HDR capabilities, you can see images in greater detail and texture.

In other words, if you want your movies and games to look more lifelike, then the Optoma GT1090HDR is the device you need to get. With enhanced depth and detail, GT1090HDR makes media more immersive than ever before!

Easy to install and use

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up and installing a projector, the GT1090HDR has a lot to offer you. This short-throw projector does not need to be mounted on your wall or ceiling. Instead, you can set it down on almost any surface with very little hassle.

As long as you stay within the throw range you will get clear and large images. You also don’t need any screws or additional materials for installation. Just make sure that the projector is placed a few inches below your projection screen or surface.

Keystone correction will help to focus the images projected. But there is also a focus ring and horizontal and vertical image shift. However, if you place your projector in a central location at the right distance, you shouldn’t have to adjust anything at all.

Finally, the Optoma GT1090HDR has an easy-to-use remote which allows you to switch between picture modes and control the media you are viewing.

Great for home theaters and movie lovers

Anyone who wants a great home theater experience should get the Optoma GT1090HDR. All of the features included with this device make it a great match for movie lovers. Not only do you get resolution and color quality that is similar to a movie theater, but the versatility and portability of this device really enhance movie watching.

You can even watch films in 3D and take this device on the go when you travel or decide to watch movies outside.

Great for gamers

This is one of the best laser projectors for gamers. The visuals of the Optoma GT1090HDR and the responsiveness of this device is unmatched and fits gamers’ needs perfectly. When using this projector you can easily play any genre of video games with very little lag. 

Online gaming is made seamless and simple as well with a 120Hz refresh rate. And you can game in a dark or bright room!

Cons of the Optoma GT1090HDR

This projector isn’t the cheapest

Laser projectors have always been on the expensive side. The GT1090HDR is no exception to this and has a price point that is close to two thousand dollars at the time of writing. This could be out of budget for many gamers and homeowners who want their own projector at a budget cost.

While the GT1090HDR is expensive, though, it is well worth your money. Cheaper laser projectors can be purchased, but you won’t get the same feature or the same level of quality. So, think about this when you are choosing a projector for your entertainment setup.

Does not provide Ultra 4K visuals

While the ​​Optoma GT1090HDR does provide HDR support and has up to 1080p resolution, it does not have 4K visuals, though. This might disappoint some people, especially people with next-gen consoles. A lot of gamers are moving to 4K, especially with improved capabilities with numerous devices.

Some limitations with screen size and room size

100 inches is a great size for a small to medium-sized home theater. In fact, most home theaters are around 100 to 120 inches long. However, if you want a larger home theater or a bigger screen, you might want to get a different projection device.

Again, there is nothing wrong with this screen size, but it does limit your home theater setup. In addition, the shorter throw distance is better suited for a smaller room. So, if you are looking to create a massive home theater you might want to consider other options which we will talk about next.

Alternatives to the Optoma GT1090HDR

GT1090HDR is a great device with top-of-the-line features, but it might not be the right product for you. In this final section of the post, we’ll go over two alternative options to the Optoma GT1090HDR. This way you can find something that is better suited to your gaming room or home theater.

The Optoma GT1080HDR is the first alternative we will suggest. It doesn’t have the same capabilities as the GT1090HDR, but the GT1080HDR is a lot more affordable. At under one thousand dollars you can get a high-quality projector at a budget price.

The second alternative you can try out is the ViewSonic True 4K projector (PX747-4K). This projector has a much larger screen, 4K visuals, a higher refresh rate, and lower input lag. You can also get it for under 1000 dollars.


Optoma GT1090HDR is another solid entry in the Optoma projector line. If you are searching for a laser projector with HDR and a short-throw distance then we highly recommend purchasing this product.

While there are some shortcomings with the GT1090HDR, the positives outweigh the negatives. Homeowners can really make a great home theater with the GT1090HDR. But, if you are a serious gamer, then this projector is going to be perfect for your gaming room!