ViewSonic PX703HD is a truly versatile and impressive projector. At under a thousand dollars, you are getting a great deal with this product. Not only will you save money, but you will be able to create a great theater from the comfort of your own home.

More and more people want to stay indoors to safely enjoy the things they love to do. The ViewSonic PX703HD allows you to do this. It has high-quality visuals, a low price point, and is perfect for gaming and watching other forms of entertainment.

We’ll discuss the more specific features of this ViewSonic projector throughout the rest of the post. So, keep reading to find out exactly what the ViewSonic PX703HD is capable of.

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Features included with the ViewSonic PX703HD

HD Resolution

ViewSonic PX703HD offers viewers crisp HD visuals. The resolution of this product comes in at 1920x1080p. So, you will have image quality that is comparable to your local cinema. ViewSonic PX703HD does not support HDR, but the color, contrast, and clarity of images projected have a lot to offer potential customers!

High Lumens

In addition to great visuals, the ViewSonic PX703HD also has a bright lumen rate and a long lamp life. Lumens on this projector are measured at a brightness of 3500 lumens. This creates ideal color contrast and allows you to easily use this projector in both dark and bright rooms.

Long Lamp Life

Further adding to the value of this projector, you can get up to 15,000 hours of use out of the ViewSonic PX703HD. Eco-mode enhances the longevity of this device and lets you use the projector for longer periods of time. This also lets you cut back on energy costs.

Projects on Large Screens and Small Screens

ViewSonic PX703HD is made for the big screen. You can create a great home theater with this device, as the projector can be cast on screens up to 300 inches in size. Still, not everyone wants to project something so big. 

If you are looking to project on smaller surfaces, the ViewSonic PX703HD can also work on screens that are 30 inches and above.

Enhanced Colors

The color and contrast of the ViewSonic PX703HD are enhanced greatly with this model. In previous ViewSonic, some customers complained about the color quality, and settings had to be adjusted much more.

Luckily, in this current model, the ViewSonic PX703HD has some of the best contrast and color technology. You will get movie-grade images with cinematic colors that are deep and rich. You will be able to see dark visuals more easily and the contrast has been improved at a rate of 12,000:1.

Reduce Latency for Gaming

Latency is important for gaming without lag. With the ViewSonic PX703HD, latency is reduced to create the ultimate gaming experience. You won’t have to worry about your game not projecting right, or not projecting fast enough.

And because of low latency, ViewSonic PX703HD offers some of the best visuals for games.

Blurriness and choppiness are completely eliminated with the 16ms input lag.

Game Mode and Sports Mode Included

Latency is not the only thing that makes this a great gaming projector. The ViewSonic PX703HD also has a game mode that enhances the projector visually for high-speed online gaming. You will be able to see every detail of your gameplay with ease.

This mode can also be used when you are watching sporting events or action-packed movies. But sports mode is also available and will let you watch your favorite sports with the best possible settings.

Short Throw Distance

ViewSonic PX703HD has a shorter throw distance than other models. But the ViewSonic PX703HD is an improvement over previous ViewSonic products. You can project images as close as 3.2 inches, or you can back up and project at up to 24.7 inches. It just depends on what kind of setup you are trying to create in your home.

Includes HD 3D Support

Like previous models of ViewSonic, the ViewSonic PX703HD does support 3D. In fact, you will get HD 3D support for your projector with the ViewSonic PX703HD. You can watch 3D movies and videos with your projector, but you need to get 3D glasses separately.

Includes a 10-Watt Speaker

Finally, the ViewSonic PX703HD includes a small 10-Watt speaker. This audio feature won’t create surround sound in your home theater. But if you want something that will fill up a medium-size room well enough, this low-power speaker will do the job. Otherwise, you will need to purchase surround sound separately.

Pros of the ViewSonic PX703HD

Great For Home Movie Theaters

As you can already guess, we highly recommend the ViewSonic PX703HD for home movie theaters. This is an ideal device for people that are trying to create a high-quality movie experience in their homes.

The biggest pros of this device include its great HD visuals, correct and accurate colors, and ability to project on very large screens. In other words, this device has all the features you need to make movies feel more cinematic!

So, no matter what location the projector is in, you will be able to watch movies smoothly and without any delay. The contrast could be better on this device, but the high brightness makes it easy to see even the darkest visuals.

Provides a High-Quality Gaming Experience

Gamers need to have high processing speeds and sharp image quality. Luckily, the ViewSonic PX703HD provides this in spades. With low latency and an added gaming mode, you can really get a lot out of this projector as a gamer.

What also makes the ViewSonic PX703HD great for gaming is the portability and lightweight of the device. If you want to bring this projector to a friend’s house or game on the go you can easily do this. ViewSonic PX703HD doesn’t weigh much and is small enough to be placed in most bags.

ViewSonic PX703HD also keeps up with shifting frame rates and action, and it will be able to play any genre of games because of its brightness. It can project horror games and other games that have darker visuals and are normally harder to see.

Connects to Other Devices Easily

ViewSonic PX703HD is also able to connect with a wide variety of devices. This includes things like Roku, FireSticks, and other popular media players and devices. In other words, you won’t have trouble getting your videos to play or your gaming consoles to connect. There are plenty of input spaces to plug in your devices.

You have two HDMI inputs, USB inputs, and a few other inputs to choose from. This will help get your computer, consoles, and other devices easily connected.

Flexible Installation Options

Because of the flexibility and versatility of this device, it can be set up in many different ways. You can mount this lightweight product on your ceiling. You can also put this projector on a table or behind your screen to try a reverse mounting of the ViewSonic PX703HD.

Overall, there are a lot of options with the ViewSonic PX703HD. And, thanks to the great zooming features on it, you can adjust the picture quality to make the images crisp and clear no matter where you place your ViewSonic PX703HD.

No Need to Adjust Your Settings

Most people don’t want to have to adjust the color or visual settings of their projector. With the ViewSonic PX703HD, everything is set up for you. You won’t need to fiddle with anything to make your projector throw images more accurately.

In fact, you get a few different modes that you can switch to by pressing one button. So you don’t have to meticulously change the output of your device. Game mode, standard mode, and sports mode look great as they are.

Affordable Price and Great for New Projector Owners

Finally, the ViewSonic PX703HD is a great investment for people who are just getting into home projectors. Not only is this product affordable, at under 1000 dollars, but it offers many high-quality features and is user-friendly.

Other projectors are much harder to use and adjust. But with this particular device, you will have no trouble setting up and using it. It comes with an easy-to-use remote, and all the settings are adjusted perfectly for your viewing experience beforehand.

So, in short, this is a great entry-level projector that also has some boosted features that enhance the value of the device.

Cons of the ViewSonic PX703HD

No HDR Support or 4K Support

One of the biggest downsides of the ViewSonic PX703HD is the lack of HDR and 4K support. Many people will be fine with 1080p visual quality. And, of course, the 1080p projection from this device is beautiful and looks great on many different surfaces.

However, for anyone that wants to watch HDR or 4K, this might not be the projector for you. While this is a great product you need to keep this in mind before you make a purchase. We’ll talk about an alternative device you can try out in the next section.

Not the Best Projector for Next-Gen Consoles

Of course, your games will look great in 1080p and many next-generation consoles support 1080p visuals. Still, next-gen gaming is meant to be displayed in 4K and HDR. You want the best gaming experience. But without HDR and 4K support this is not possible.

The lack of lag and clear visuals are really strong with this product. But if you are really looking for the best possible projector for newer gaming consoles, you might want to consider looking into other products.

Sound Could Be Better

Most people aren’t going to buy a projector for its sound quality. However, there is a speaker included with this projector. It can work in a smaller to medium size room. But don’t expect much, many reviewers have said that the sound quality is poor.

So, you will need to purchase surround sound or some other kind of sound system separately to complete your home theater.

You Can’t Use Your Lens Shift in Gaming Mode

Finally, another issue with this device is the lens shift. You can adjust your lens in all other modes. But when you have the game mode on the lens shift is deactivated. This could be annoying to some gamers who are trying to adjust their projector.

You will still be able to get a clear HD picture quality. But it could take some time to find the right distance and location to place your projector when you game.

Alternatives to the ViewSonic PX703HD

If you are looking for an alternative option to the ViewSonic PX703HD, we will discuss two different options here. ViewSonic PX703HD is a great device with excellent picture quality, especially considering the price point. But, if you want a projector that is a little cheaper, we recommend going with the ViewSonic PX701HD.

The first one you should consider is the ViewSonic PX701HD. It is similar to the ViewSonic PX703HD model. But the zoom feature is not as expansive in the ViewSonic PX701HD. The ViewSonic PX701HD also has a slightly lower picture quality and color quality, as well.

Another option you can go for is the Optoma GT1080HDR. It has a similar price point to the ViewSonic PX703HD. However, it supports HDR picture quality. So, if you care about HDR then we recommend going with this alternative option instead.


The ViewSonic PX703HD has a lot to offer. Not only is this model an improvement on previous ViewSonic projectors, but the price is still highly affordable. While there is no HDR support for the ViewSonic PX703HD, the crisp picture quality and color of this device make it worth the money.