Gamers have a wide range of options to choose from when deciding how to play their favorite games. From 4K televisions to HDR smart TVs, and even high spec PC monitors, there are plenty of ways you can display your video games. Still, there is one option that is often overlooked.

Projectors are often used for movie nights, but they are also perfect for anyone who wants a high-definition gaming setup. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about a gaming projector that is budget-friendly and ideal for all types of gamers.

A lot of projectors are specifically made for home movie theaters and can be used with many different devices as well. But the BenQ TH685 isn’t just another generic projector; it was specifically made with gaming and gamers in mind.

This product has a low input lag, bright illumination, a large screen, and other key features that make it ideal for gaming. We’ll discuss the BenQ TH685 more throughout the rest of this guide!

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Features of the BenQ TH685

Again, the features of the BenQ TH685 are custom made for gaming. This review will go deep into the specifics of this projector, that way you can see exactly what the BenQ TH685 is capable of and why gamers should get this product.

High definition visuals in full 1080p HDR

When gaming, the first thing you need to think about is visuals. Gaming is a medium that heavily relies on high-definition picture quality and projection. With the BenQ TH685, you get a 1080p high-definition resolution in full HDR.

Accurate color projection

In addition to having high-definition visuals, the TH685 also provides gamers with the most accurate color projection. A lot of projectors in this price range don’t have good color saturation. Instead, they opt for bright images with drowned out color.

With the TH685, though, this is not the case. This product projects life like colors that make your games look more realistic and immersive.

Compatible with HDR and 4K

If you have a next-generation gaming console, you need a device that is compatible with both 4K and HDR. Newer consoles and devices are starting to move towards higher resolutions and picture quality. Thankfully, BenQ TH685 is able to accept signals from both 4K and HDR with ease.

High lumen level

BenQ TH685 has a lumen rating of 3500. With this level of luminosity, the images you see projected on your screen or wall will be bright and visible. And you can use your projector in dark and brightly lit rooms thanks to its brightness. So, you are not limited in how you use this projector.

Low input lag

Low input lag is a must for any gaming projector, this way there is no choppiness or delay when you play your favorite games. Especially when you are playing online games or gaming with your friends, you want your projector to be responsive and quick.

Faster response time

BenQ TH685 is made to be fast and responsive. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a response time of 8.3 ms, this projector is truly geared for gaming. Play a range of games without any delays or freezing, from high-action triple-a titles to other high-movement games. You won’t have any trouble using this projector for gaming.

Enhanced game mode

TH685 has an enhanced Game Mode that helps to fine-tune visuals and provide the best possible clarity and brightness. You won’t have any trouble seeing around dark corners when you are playing FPS games and other titles with darker environments.

Up to 15,000 hours of lamp life

On eco-mode, you will get upwards of 15,000 hours of lamp life from the BenQ TH685. However, outside of eco-mode, regular use of this product allows for up to 4,000 hours of lamp life.

Large 100” screen with 1.3x zooming feature

If you are looking for a projector that will fit in a small room, this is the product you need to get. The TH685 can create a large 100-inch screen in cramped spaces. The short-throw distance makes it possible to game big no matter where you are. And, the 1.3x zoom further enhances the clarity and crispness of your projected games.

Short throw distance

Th685 has a short throw distance which makes it ideal for small and large rooms. You can set up your projector with ease by merely placing it a few inches from your projection surface.

Vertical keystone and digital lens shift

TH685 does not require any major adjustments or setting changes. This projection device has a digital vertical lens shift that makes it easy to focus and size images projected properly. This way it fits into any room perfectly no matter the height or size.

In addition, the TH685 also has a vertical keystone that adjusts automatically. This keeps any image projected from losing its shape. In other words, your games will stay perfectly squared and aligned no matter where you place your projector.

5w speaker system

BenQ TH685 does not come with surround sound, but its 5w speaker system does have a lot to offer gamers. The sound that comes out of your projector will be precise and easy to hear. And you won’t have to spend extra money on a soundbar or extra speakers.

Full 3D capabilities

Finally, the BenQ TH685 is capable of projecting 3D images. You will get full HD quality 3D when using the TH685. You need to buy your own pair of 3D glasses to enjoy this feature. Still, most gamers won’t need this feature. Though, it is a nice add-on that provides more flexible options for movie and media consumption.

Pros and Cons of the BenQ TH685

BenQ TH685 has both positive and negative points that need to be considered before you purchase this specific projector. The BenQ TH685 does give gamers everything they need in a projector.

But, some of the features and specs of this product might not align with every customer’s needs. So, we have compiled a list of pros and cons to help you make a final decision.

Pros of the BenQ TH685

Bright and crisp HDR that enhances gaming

BenQ TH685 offers some of the best HDR visuals for gamers. For this price point, there aren’t that many projectors like this. The clear and bright images projected by this device create an immersive gaming experience that is perfect for any genre of gaming. 

You can play colorful action games and RPG titles and even switch to darker-colored horror and thriller games without any issues. Really, gaming consoles nowadays are made to present a range of vibrant and diverse worlds for gamers to explore, and the TH685 will help you see these worlds the way they were meant to be viewed with the best possible HDR visuals.

Can be used for movie night too

The TH685 is meant for gaming first and foremost, but it can also be used for other forms of media viewing. With this product, you can hook up your Blu-ray players, streaming devices, and other types of technology to watch your favorite movies and tv shows.

You can even use this projector to create your very own budget home theater. Some of the settings will have to be adjusted, but the BenQ TH685 is a versatile product with much to give movie lovers and gamers.

Adaptable to any gaming console

With a gaming projector, you want something that can be used across a range of devices. Luckily, the BenQ TH685 can be used for any type of gaming console present in your home. From next-gen consoles like the PS5 to the Nintendo Switch, you should have no issues connecting this device to the BenQ TH685 projector.

You can also connect to other types of smart devices with HDMI inputs, and other connection options available.

Great for online gaming

Online gaming requires the most up-to-date and responsive technology available. The BenQ TH685 delivers on this front and provides one of the smoothest gaming experiences for projectors. With a response time of 8.3 ms and 120Hz refresh rate, and the low input lag you won’t have to deal with any interruptions to your game.

You can play online without any restrictions or distractions and get the most value out of your console and your projector.

Warranty included

BenQ TH685 comes with a great 3-year warranty plan and excellent customer service. So, if you have any issues with your product you can have it replaced in no time. Most companies selling projectors only offer 1-year warranty plans, so you are getting a great deal with the TH685.

Easy to transport and setup

Finally, the BenQ TH685 is ideal for anyone that wants to game on the go. You can easily transport your projector to different rooms in your house, or even bring it to your friend’s and family’s homes. The light and compact nature of this projector make it great for travel. And, the easy setup and use of this product also make it easy to use in any situation.

Cons of the BenQ TH685

Throw distance is short

The BenQ has a shorter throw distance when compared to other projectors. This means that your projecotr will need to be placed close to any projecting surface and can not be mounted on a wall. Depending on what kind of setup you are looking for, the TH685 might not be ideal for your gaming setup.

Most gamers won’t need to mount their projector or set it up far away from their projection surface. But if you are looking for a projector that can be hidden out of sight, then you might want to look at alternative devices.

No 4K visuals

Unfortunately, while the BenQ TH685 is 4K compatible, it does not provide 4K visuals. Depending on your console and setup, this could be important to you. A lot of newer consoles actually use 4K visuals. So, if this is important to you, then you might want to consider going with another type of projector.

Shorter lamp life 

While the lamp life of the TH685 is considerable, it is limited in comparison to other projectors. On normal mode, you will get a modest 4,000 hours of use. 4,000 hours might seem like a lot, but if you game regularly and use your projector to watch other media, this can limit the longevity of this product considerably.

BenQ TH685 does have other picture modes that reduce brightness and increase lamp life. For instance, the eco-mode will improve your lamp life and bring it to a total of 15,000 hours of use. However, the picture quality and luminosity of the TH685 are reduced by a lot in this mode.

Alternatives to the BenQ TH685

The BenQ TH685 will serve the needs of many gamers, but it is missing a few key features. In particular, the lack of 4K could be an issue for some buyers. If you are looking for an alternative to this projector, read this final section of the post for more information. We will discuss two alternatives to this product here.

The first alternative you should consider is the BenQ HT2050A. This is a cheaper version of the TH685. It is more of a general projector and can be used for your home theater, as well as, your gaming room.

Another option you can try out is the Optoma UHD50X. This product offers true 4K visuals and similar specs to the BenQ TH685, though it is a little less responsive and much more expensive.


Gamers should definitely consider buying the BenQ TH685 projector. This is a projector that is truly made for anyone that is serious about gaming. While there are a few negative points to consider, such as the lack of 4K, the BenQ TH685 can still be considered to be one of the best gaming projectors on the market. Its affordable price point and great features only make it more valuable!