The HZ39HDR is the latest projector device offered by Optoma. This product is highly affordable and uses a high-tech laser to project bright high-definition images. And, unlike many other projectors, at this price range, the HZ39HDR offers HDR support.

Really, anyone can benefit from this top-of-the-line projector. The HZ39HDR has a low input lag which makes it perfect for gamers. And, homeowners who want to build a home theatre can also use this device to create an ideal movie-watching experience.

We’ll talk more about the specific features of the HZ39HDR throughout the rest of this post. So keep reading, to learn exactly what this product is capable of.

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Features included with the Optoma HZ39HDR

The HZ39HDR offers some of the best features for projectors in this price range. We’ll talk about the most important features here.

High definition projection

The HZ39HDR is a true HD device. It offers 1080p and has a resolution of 1920×1080. The contrast of this device is also impressive at 300,000:1. This ratio allows videos to be projected sharply with the most detail and color possible.

Rich colors and great contrast ratio

Anyone who is looking for movie-quality colors and contrast should consider purchasing the HZ39HDR. The color projected by this product is richly pigmented and easy to see because of the brightness of this device.

As we mentioned, the contrast is also high with the device as well. So, colors are made more prominent and deep with the 300,000:1 contrast level. In addition, the colors projected on this device support HDR; sRGB is imputed in this device and will make HDR media look even better!

HDR and 4K support

The HZ39HDR offers HDR support and 4K device support. The HDR10 technology really shines with this device, though, as it allows viewers to see images crisply and clearly no matter what type of movie or video they are viewing. In short, both dark and bright images are enhanced to maximum quality with HDR10.

Low input lag and high refresh rate

Gamers who use projectors for gaming need a device that has a low input lag and high refresh rate. This way they can game without any interruptions. Luckily, the Optoma HZ39HDR has a 16ms lag that is perfect for gaming.

With this low input lag and a 120Hz refresh rate, there will be no blurring, delay, or lost frame rates. Instead, you get a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience!

The manufacturer has also updated the firmware on this model and made the input lag even lower at 8ms. The update was implemented last year and gives the HZ39HDR one of the best input lags for gaming on any laser projector.

Long throw distance

The HZ39HDR  can be used on screens that are up close or far away. The throw distance of this particular device ranges from 3.2 feet, all the way up to 26.4 feet. So, you can adjust your projector to fit into your home theatre or gaming room however you want. Screen size will range from 28 inches all the way up to 300 inches, as well.

The throw distance is a little longer than other devices and can take up additional space in your home. But, the quality and size of the images projected make up for the longer throw distance.

Powerful lighting

The HZ39HDR can be used in almost any room of your home. With its high lumen rating, you won’t have a problem using this projector in bright and dark settings. In other words, you can put this projector in your family room, your home theatre, and your gaming room.

You can even use this device to project movies outdoors as the HZ39HDR has a lumen rate of 4,000 and provides bright and powerful images.

Long lamp life and low maintenance

This projector model uses a powerful laser light source that offers upward of 30,000 hours of use in eco-mode. In its normal mode, you will get 20,000 hours of use, which is still substantial. Really, you won’t get this kind of quality and lifespan with other types of projectors.

In addition, the HZ39HDR is a low-maintenance product that does not require a lot of cleaning or upkeep. Instead, you can enjoy your device for years to come without worrying about it malfunctioning or breaking down.

Connects to most devices

The HZ39HDR model offers great connectivity and can be hooked up to a range of devices. This includes gaming consoles, 4K streaming sticks, computers, and other smart devices. With two HDMI inputs, USB, micro USB, RS232, and a few other inputs, you will have plenty of ways to connect and watch videos on your Optoma HZ39HDR.

Offers 3D visuals

Good 3D projectors can be hard to find. Luckily, the HZ39HDR  works well with any 3D video and can stream 3D from virtually any source. This includes your Blu-Ray players, next-generation consoles, and even 3D broadcasting.

In particular, the rapid refresh rate of this device makes it perfect for a 3D movie night. As you won’t have to worry about flickering images and other disruptions. The 3D images projected look smooth and vibrant. You will have to buy your own 3D glasses though, as these come separately.

10W speaker provided

Finally, this product also includes a 10W speaker. This is not a powerful speaker that can be used for your home theater. But if you don’t want to spend extra money on a sound system, the audio capabilities of this device are decent.

Again, this is not surround sound but it does a good job, especially in comparison to some other projectors on the market.

Pros of the Optoma HZ39HDR

Perfect for movie night

If you are looking for a true home theatre experience, then the HZ39HDR is the right choice for you. This product has everything you are looking for in a home movie theater projector.

The color for this device is bright and offers some of the best 10-bit color technology that is seen in theaters. More importantly, the brightness of this device is unmatched and makes for great movie viewings in full HD no matter what setting you are in.

Not only do the visuals look great, but the HZ39HDR also offers crisp images that can be projected on large screens. Homeowners can watch their movies on surfaces up to 300 inches long, which is the perfect size for a home theater.

Great product for next-gen gaming consoles

The HZ39HDR is great for movie lovers, but it also works well for gamers, especially next-gen gamers who want to utilize HDR. Many of the latest consoles are running 1080p and above to showcase some of the best graphics the gaming industry has to offer.

So, if you are a gamer in this day and age, you will need a projector that has HDR and 4K compatibility. This way you can run the latest game releases. The HZ39HDR also has a low input lag that is ideal for gamers that like to play online and need a fast and responsive projecting device.

Affordable laser projector with great features

In the past, laser projectors were much more expensive and hard to find. Now, you can get a laser projector for a great price. This includes the Optoma HZ39HDR, which is affordable and functions optimally!

With the great image quality, high brightness, HDR, and many other features, you can’t go wrong with this projecting device. You get great value for your money and you don’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars.

Easy to install and adjust image settings

Other projectors can be more complicated to set up and adjust. The HZ39HDR does not have this problem though. You will be able to place this Optoma projector in any location you want, and installation is flexible too.

This device can be either mounted on your wall or placed on a table, though you do want to keep this projector a good distance from any screen or surface you are projecting on.

The HZ39HDR is also easy to adjust during installation. You want the images thrown on your screen to look just right, and the Optoma allows you to do this with its 1.3x zoom lens.

This focusing lens will change the quality and clearness of any images projected. It has a 30-degree keystone correction as well. So, even if you don’t adjust it correctly, the device will help you get the best possible viewing experience.

Cons of the Optoma HZ39HDR 

HDR color quality could be better

For the most part, the color quality of the Optoma HZ39HDR is a positive point for this device. But some customers think that the color could be better. This product produces rich and vibrant colors, still, this is not the best possible projector on the market.

For more money, you could get even better color quality. But, for most people, the color and look of this laser projector will be just right for their home theatre.

Supports 4K but doesn’t display actual 4K

The HZ39HDR does support 4K devices and will project videos that are broadcasted from 4K sources. However, the videos projected will not be in true 4K. While Optoma HZ39HDR does project great high-definition images, this is one limitation that might deter buyers from getting this device.

In most cases, the average consumer won’t need a 4K projector. However, if you watch videos in 4K or play games in 4K, you might want to consider going for a more high-end projecting device.

You will need to purchase surround sound

The audio capabilities of this device are decent, but they are not meant for a movie theatre experience. You will need to invest in a good sound system to complete your home movie theater, but this is true with most projectors you purchase.

In other words, this product is not meant to replace a real sound system. Some customers say this device is not fit for regular gaming and even tv watching.

Great brightness levels but the color can wash out

Finally, the brightness of this laser projector can work against the HZ39HDR. While you will be able to view videos in both dark and light settings because of the brightness, the higher the brightness goes, the more the color washes out.

You can adjust this to a degree and make darker colors stand out more. But the projector looks best when the brightness is more balanced in a lower-lit room.

Alternatives to the Optoma HZ39HDR 

While the HZ39HDR has a lot to offer, some people might want to look at other alternatives before they make a choice. We’ll talk about two different projector products that offer a similar level of quality to the Optoma HZ39HDR here.

The first alternative device we recommend looking into is the Optoma HD28HDR projector. It’s cheaper and one you should take a look at.

The second alternative device we recommend buying is the ViewSonic PX701 True 4K Projector. This is more of a budget-friendly projector option. At under 1000 dollars, you can get true 4K quality, but you will be compromising on other features such as brightness and color quality.


The HZ39HDR is definitely worth the price and works well in any home movie theatre and gaming room. The fast refresh rate, low input lag, high-quality visuals, and great color are just a few of the features that make this projecting device work so well.

If you are still on the fence about this product, read over our review again and go over the specific pros and cons of the Optoma HZ39HDR. There is a lot to love about this projector, but if you need 4K, you might want to consider some of the alternative options we offered.

Overall, though, this is one of the best budget laser projectors for movie lovers and gamers alike!