As crazy as it sounds to call a portable projector standard when there are more than a few options to choose from, the XGIMI MoGo Pro is standard for its price point. It does everything that it needs to do and does it reasonably well.

It’s an excellent projector for regular home use and its strengths are its price and ease of use. The XGIMI MoGo Pro may be affordable, but it doesn’t sacrifice performance either. It has a minimalistic compact design with several features; smooth DLP projection, good picture clarity and fidelity, lightweight, long battery life, and much more.

If you need something that works well with your streaming content, this one is your best shot. It also performs relatively well in casual gaming with unnoticeable input lag unlike in competitive gaming.

This is a review of the XGIMI MoGo Pro, which is one of the most inexpensive portable projectors in our store. We will take an in-depth look at what it offers and evaluate its ease of use, portability, and performance in order to see how well this device stacks up against others on the market.

Let’s dive in.

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XGIMI MoGo Pro features

1080p FHD Native Resolution

The XGIMI MoGo Pro uses DLP technology to deliver a bright picture. It has a native resolution of 1080p (1920×1080 pixel), which is more than enough to support most streaming and regular media content. The native resolution looks sharp and clear on most screens as well as from a few feet away. The MoGo Pro also supports a video format of up to 4K Ultra HD.

MoGo Pro supports high-end native Full HD visuals for 3D content as well, without the need to plug in any extra accessories. 3D support is available to project 3D content from Blu-ray players and HDMI-enabled devices (laptops, desktops, etc.).

Bright pictures with 300 ANSI lumens

With 300 ANSI lumens, the MoGo Pro is capable of projecting cinematic images with impressive clarity on any screen. The light output is sufficiently bright enough to make the picture noticeable in rooms with moderate lighting as well.

The projector is great for any casual media use at home, whether it’s watching your favorite shows or playing video games. If you’re planning on using this projector to show your online classes, presentations, or video conferences at work, it should be more than sufficient as well.

3-W dual Harman/Kardon speakers to delight your ears

MoGo Pro completes the thrill of watching cinema by including the Harman-Kardon speakers for fantastic sound quality. The advanced dual 3-W speakers deliver clear, crisp sound to compliment the cinematic experience.

There is also Bluetooth connectivity for speakers to wirelessly play music. Besides, the dual Harman-Kardon can be used as a set of high-quality Bluetooth speakers without the need for high-end external speakers or connecting wires.

Also, the projector comes with a quiet fan which does not disturb the surrounding environment.

30 to 100-inch screen

This XGIMI projector can display a picture-perfect on a screen size of between 30-100”; which is more than enough to project an image of any size you want without any distortion or fuzziness.  In order to view the image more closely, the projector needs to be positioned in very close proximity to your eyes.

Endless entertainment with Android TV 9.0

The Android TV feature makes it simple to watch videos, stream your favorite channels and shows, play games with an extensive library of movies and TV shows, or even browse the Internet.

The MoGo Pro also supports Google Play Store which comes pre-installed with YouTube, Showtime, and HBO. Combined with its seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, you can download many other apps in the Google Play Store directly to it; mostly streaming apps like Amazon Prime and many more.

Note: The MoGo Pro lacks support for Netflix—which not only has a huge subscription base but also boasts a huge selection of movies and TV shows, both old and new. You can install Netflix on non-compatible devices however, the resolution will be downscaled to around 960x540p.

You’re not limited to the remote control provided by XGIMI. The projector also has a built-in Chromecast so you can take control of your TV through the MoGo Pro. You can also take advantage of the Mirroring technology, which allows you to search and launch films, series, videos, or songs from your smartphone or tablet.

Auto keystone correction

With auto keystone correction, you’ll always get perfect angles and placement for the best viewing experience without the need to worry about distortion. The correction feature expands the projection range 40o both vertical and horizontal.


Besides, MoGo Pro boasts a 10, 000+ point autofocus feature. This means that when you turn on your projector, it will automatically adjust the picture/image focus on your screen in a few seconds for a clear and bright image. You don’t have to worry about focusing on your image again. All you need is a perfect surface for projection.

Longer-life battery

The MoGo Pro has an integrated rechargeable battery with a high battery capacity; 10400mAh. You can start using it right away after that as it comes with a built-in rechargeable battery; no need to wait for it to run out of battery before charging it again.

XGIMI claims this battery will provide you with up to 2 hours of video playback and up to 5 hours of music playback and so you can be ensured of an outstanding on-the-go entertainment experience. MoGo Pro also winds up to a full charge very quickly. It takes about a little under two hours for the projector to fully charge.

Multiple Connectivity options

MoGo Pro has most of the connectivity options you may need for home use. It supports HDMI input, USB output, Ethernet, and wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Furthermore, you can use its USB port to play your local media content directly on the MoGo Pro. This is a feature that is not commonly used but does come in handy in some cases as well. The 3D-ready feature also impresses as it adds another level of convenience and entertainment value when you’re watching 3D content.

No extra adapter required

The projector comes with a power adaptor which can be plugged into a wall outlet or plugged into a USB port to charge it. It works well with laptops, computers, and any devices that have a USB port. You’re not limited to using the provided charging cable only; you can use your own USB cable to charge it as well.

HDR10 support

XGIMI MoGo Pro can decode HDR10 video smoothly for excellent visuals. This way, you get to see deep color contrast and details like you never have before. Black levels are deep with brighter highlights and darker shadows, which in turn creates more details in a scene—nothing would look dull or washed out here.

Comfortable and convenient remote control

The remote control in the XGIMI MoGo Pro makes it extremely comfortable and convenient to navigate your way through the menu and adjust settings. The buttons are big enough and make noiseless clicks when pressed which makes controlling the device easy even in darkness.

Good for casual gaming

Gaming is fun, and MoGo Pro has sufficient brightness and supports FHD resolution which means it can output a sharp and crisp picture quality with long-lasting battery life, enabling you to enjoy games even when you are free all day without having to worry about running out of battery in the middle of playing.

Long lamp life

This projector uses an efficient LED light source with 30,000 hours of lamp life. This makes it a hassle-free projector that you can use for a few years to come. The light source is built to last and will not burn out easily.

Entertainment and convenience bundled for a great value

XGIMI got it all right with the MoGo Pro; from the spectacular design to its incredible features. Its stunning looks and great audio capabilities make it a perfect projector for daily entertainment and movie watching.

It is one of the most feature-rich projectors at its price point, making it one of our top picks for anyone who wants something small yet powerful and easy-to-use. This projector gets our stamp of approval because of its versatility and great performance.

For around $550 you not only get a portable projector with a high number of features but also excellent image quality. Furthermore, the projector has 3 years of warranty and offers customer support should you have any complaint about their services.

Having looked at the features, does this projector have any limitations? Let’s compare the pros and cons to find out.

Pros of XGIMI MoGo Pro

Durable and lightweight design – The MoGo Pro has an aluminum-like sleek design that is both lightweight and portable without sacrificing strength. Weighing 0.9kg, MoGo Pro is small enough to use, pretty much anywhere you go.

Excellent value for money – The affordable price tag would leave you wondering if the projector is a real deal. However, with its high-quality features and performance, it’s definitely worth your hard-earned money.

Easy to set up – You can connect the projector to a power supply and instantly use it. Its intelligent calibration feature can automatically adjust the projection screen based on your room’s orientation and size.

Clear and accurate colors – The high-quality OSD menu makes it easy to adjust the color saturation, hue, contrast level, and sharpness to suit your needs.

Android TV – The Android TV interface is very user-friendly and useful for everyone who’s new to using a projector.

Extremely quiet fan – Unlike other projectors, this one comes with a quieter fan. This makes it perfect for use at night or in a room where you’re trying to sleep.

HDR10 support – XGIMI MoGo Pro supports HDR10 which gives you better colors, accurate contrast, and deeper blacks. HDR also delivers a better “immersive” experience with vibrant colors and sharper details.

Cons of XGIMI MoGo Pro

No Netflix support – This is one of the cons for the people who are big fans of Netflix. With this projector, you’ll have to download third-party apps like Amazon Prime or stream through Chromecast or Roku if you want to enjoy Netflix.

The contrast could be better but is still pretty decent – The black level is not so great even when the room is dark. The images lack a deep visual depth, however, the screen can still be bright enough for most use cases.

Extremely low brightness – With a rated brightness of 300 ANSI lumens, the MoGo Pro isn’t bright enough to deliver a full HDR effect; it produces noticeably washed out, pixelated, and dull images.

The high-quality Harmon/Kardon does not offer very much volume – If you’re thinking of watching your favorite movies or music, you might find that the sound quality is flat and produces a “brushing” sound when it tries to get to higher volumes. However, with the Dolby Atmos Sound Bar, you’ll be able to enjoy these kinds of entertainment under perfect sound conditions.

If you’re still not convinced that this projector is for you, here are some alternatives worth considering.


The first alternative would be XGIMI Halo. This projector improves on almost every feature of the MoGo Pro with brighter, more detailed, and colorful images on your screen. The Halo projector also has better ISA technology which means an even easier setup and focus. It is brighter (800 ANSI lumens), has a sharper contrast, and a dual 5W Harman/Kardon speakers for the best sound experience.

Horizon Full HD is another alternative to consider. This projector delivers bright and sharp images which aren’t washed out or flat as seen in MoGo Pro. The Horizon Full HD is also capable of producing bright and accurate images for both 2D and 3D content and can be used anywhere you want. It also has outdoor screen support and brightness ranging from 2,200 lumens.


XGIMI has done an amazing job with the MoGo Pro. It is a good projector for its price range, especially when you look at the features that are offered. The brightness is on par with a few high-end projectors, and the picture quality is impressive for both indoor and outdoor use. Though we do wish that the black levels were a bit better and brighter, we still love what XGIMI has to offer.