For a while, Gamers had been stuck with 1080p gaming projectors because certified 4K projectors did not have the desirable features for gaming, such as low input lag. Well, not anymore. Optoma changed this with their UHD50X; a DLP certified 4K, gaming and movie projector. It is the world’s first 240Hz gaming projector. The UHD50X is such a massive improvement on its predecessor UHD50 that it doesn’t make sense that these two projectors share a brand name. The tip of the iceberg is the way Optoma have been able to incorporate low input lag into a 4K gaming projector.

In recent years, there has been an inflow of low input lag projectors specifically designed for gamers. These projectors were stuck at 1080p resolution which is good enough for smaller screen sizes. But we all know one of the main purposes of projectors is to offer a much larger screen size for a fairly reasonable price. At >90 inch image sizes, 1080p resolution is not desirably clear.

Projectors with 4K resolution were already in the market but had high input lag (> 30ms) which is very frustrating for gaming. Some of these could support 4K content but do not display content in 4K. With Optoma UHD50X, it is possible to have a true 4K display and low input lag in a gaming projector. So, if you’re a hardcore gamer looking to incorporate high-end visuals into your gaming experience with low latency, this is the projector for you. Also, if you intend to experience rich colors with great contrast ratios for your movies, look no further than Optoma UDH50X. This projector is well crafted to deliver high-quality visuals for your games and movies. Let’s have an insight into the features and see how.

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Features of Optoma UHD50X

Compact and Lightweight

Optoma UHD50X weighs about 8.6 pounds (approximately 3.9kg). You can easily lift it with a single hand. So if you don’t have a permanent gaming station, moving it around will not be a problem. All you need is a large wall to project your image, there is no need for a fixed gaming station.

Industry-leading 240Hz refresh rate

In Enhanced Gaming Mode, the refresh rate of this projector can be adjusted to 240Hz. This is an unbelievably high refresh rate for a projector. It is one of the most admirable features of the UHD50X as it breaks the 120Hz we were previously stuck with.

You might have concerns about how you will access this feature since any gaming console does not support a refresh rate beyond 120Hz. There is a way around this.

The current HDMI 2.0 setting, especially with Xbox one, requires you to choose between graphics and resolution (you simply cannot get the best of both simultaneously). So if you prefer graphics over resolution, you can set it to 240Hz but sacrifice 4K resolution for 1080p. A high refresh rate makes sure what you’re seeing on the screen matches what you’re doing on your computer accurately. Simply speaking it ensures better performance for your games.

High true 4K UHD resolution for your games

With Optoma UHD50X, you have a chance to experience insane ground-breaking graphics. This projector has an HDMI 2.0 port specifically for 4K content. 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160) delivers excellent picture quality and clarity to your eyes, which will be maintained regardless of screen size. This is convenient for projectors as they can go up to and beyond a 100-inch image.

However, with this display resolution, you will have to sacrifice the refresh rate to only 60Hz, which is the bare minimum for gaming. This is the maximum refresh rate at which the HDMI 2.0 technology can support a 4K resolution. This projector might be slightly ahead of its time, but we expect that the next-gen Microsoft or Sony consoles will usher in the era of HDMI 2.1, capable of supporting 4K resolution at a 120Hz refresh rate at the very least.

A bright projector with a high lumen level

This projector has a bright lamp capable of emitting 3400 ANSI lumens. This means that the image displayed will be clear even in the presence of ambient light. While bright projectors pose a limitation on the color accuracy, Optoma UHD50X makes up for this with its 8 segment RGBWRGBW. The white segment of this color wheel is responsible for this brightness.

Low input lag for an optimum gaming experience

The UHD50X has a low input lag for a great gaming experience. In the Enhanced Gaming Mode, the input lag varies depending on the resolution and refresh rates selected. With 1080p at 240Hz, 120Hz, and 60Hz, you will get a refresh rate of 15.7ms, 18.2ms, and 23.8ms respectively. But if you’re a resolution enthusiast, you will have to work with 25.8ms input lag at 4K UHD and of course 60Hz.

At 240Hz you’ll be able to experience visuals without any blur and unmatched smoothness. Generally, the input lag is fairly low for such high-end visuals – the lowest for a 4K projector. Technological advancements are still catching up with the 4K resolution and soon, we will have a solution to get the best out of resolution and input lag.

Optimized to work with gaming consoles

Whether you prefer PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, it doesn’t matter. Optoma UHD50X is compatible with all of them. It has an HDMI 2.0 for 4K content and HDMI 1.4 for non-4K content. You just need an HDMI cable and you can connect your gaming console to it and enjoy the visuals. With this projector, you don’t have to worry about abandoning your current console for a new one.

HDR and HLG compatible

Color contrast is a key part of a good visual experience. With the UHD50X, you will experience a high contrast ratio due to compatibility with HDR and HLG. These 2 features ensure deeper black levels and brighter white levels hence a high contrast ratio.

The high contrast ratio is also contributed to the Dynamic Black technology in this projector. Through this technology, more depth is provided to an image to create an unbelievably high contrast ratio (500,000:1). This results in, the white scenes remaining clear and the dark scenes remaining detailed.

Image distortion adjustment

If you like to move your projector a lot, or you do not have a level surface to place your projector, the resulting image could be distorted at the top and the bottom. Optoma UHD50X offers high installation flexibility. It has a vertical lens shift of 5 – 15% that allows you to align the image properly on your screen. It also has a ± 40 degrees vertical keystone to adjust distortions to your image at the top and bottom when the projector is placed at an angle.

Great throw ratio

With UDH50X, you can project a 100-inch image from approximately 9 feet away. It supports a 1.3X zoom so that you can enlarge the image to your preferred size despite the distance of projection. You do not have to be 2 close to the wall to enjoy these great visuals. You can go up to 13 feet away to project a 302-inch image, but a 100 – 120 inch image projection gets the best out of the color and resolution.

Crisp and colorful picture for your movies

This projector is laced with UltraDetail technology which is popular among DLP projectors. This technology accurately displays everything contained in an image to deliver a crisp and clear picture at a high frame rate. The 8 segment color wheel increases the spectrum for the color ratio to give a vibrant cinematic image for your movies.

Long lamp life

This projector uses a lamp similar to what we use for lighting our houses. Just like these bulbs, the projector’s lamp has a predictable lifespan. Optoma has different modes to enable you efficiently use this bulb without wasting it.

In the Dynamic Black mode, the lamp can last up to 15,000 hours (that’s almost 2 years). In this period, you can watch 2-hour movies daily. In the ECO mode, it can last up to 10,000 hours, and in the bright mode – 4,000 hours. You can switch between different modes depending on the amount of light present in your room. For example, if the amount of light in your room drops, you can switch to ECO or Dynamic black mode from bright mode.

There are more measures you can take to increase lamp life and you can read about them here.

10-watt inbuilt speaker

The UHD50X comes with an inbuilt 10-watt speaker that is capable of supporting gaming audio needs. However, it is convenient for much smaller rooms. It does not have the same power a stereo-based sound system would have.

Reasonable pricing and warranty

Optoma UHD50X retails at about $1500 which is very reasonable considering the features it offers. It is difficult to find a deal that matches this one. Additionally, Optoma offers a 1-year warranty along with limited projector parts and labor. This warranty permits you to bravely purchase it as ample time is provided for customer service, provided the projector malfunctions. It is wise to plan for additional costs search as shipping when you want to purchase this projector.

Pros of the Optoma UHD50X

Stunning visuals for Gaming and Movies

Most of the projectors before UHD50X could only support 4K content but never displayed content in 4K UHD. Additionally, the ceiling for refresh rate was limited to 120Hz. Then came Optoma UHD50X supporting and displaying content in 4K Ultra HD, and offering an industry-leading 240Hz refresh rate. This projector encompasses all the features necessary for a great visual experience including brightness even in the presence of ambient light and a high degree of color accuracy.

With it, you don’t have to worry about input lag as you can adjust your resolution to generate less input lag. If you’re watching movies, you can opt for high resolutions which are compatible with high input lag; but input lag is not as important with movies. You can watch your movies in 4K UHD or 1080p, the choice is yours.

Enhanced Gaming Mode for gamers

Optoma UHD50X has an enhanced gaming mode with pre-set configurations to optimally provide unparalleled visuals for your games. The resolution, color accuracy, frame rate, etc., are all set for you. You don’t have to go through the intricacies of fine-tuning these settings.

Cons of the Optoma UHD50X

The sound system is underwhelming

The 10-watt speaker installed in Optoma UHD50X looks like it fits with what other competitors have installed in their projectors on paper. The difference in the real world is astonishing.

Contrary to their competitors who install built-in stereo sound, Optoma have installed a mono speaker in UHD50X. This mono speaker falls short of providing a riveting sound that the stereo-based competitors offer. This gets worse when you move to a larger room. There are some issues with the sound quality; it is not dynamic enough. This is a hit and miss from Optoma.

HDR performance is average

Despite this projector being compatible with both HDR and HLG, the HDR performance is mediocre. The brightest mode of the picture has a green tint. While this is common for bright projectors it is not desirable to see.

Having looked at the cons, you might have changed your mind about getting this projector. Here are some alternatives that you can consider.


Suppose you want to opt for another projector, here are alternatives to consider:

The UHD38 is a massive improvement from the UHD50X. It offers more brightness at 4000 ANSI lumens, much less input lag at 4K display (16ms), and at slightly a lower price. The UHD50X, however, has a slight screen size advantage.

The GT1090HDR is brighter than UHD50X (4200 ANSI lumens). Its lamp lasts longer (16000h) and it offers more audio output. The prices of these two are similar.


If you’re a hardcore gamer the UHD50X would be a fantastic acquisition for you. It offers great visuals at a reasonable price. The input lag is low for a 4K projector and will provide good performance for gaming and as a home theater projector. While it has flaws in audio output, you can always connect it to an external sound system to enjoy both great video and audio for your games and movies.