Digital Art Projectors

If you’re here looking to learn stuff about Digital Art Projectors – stuff like product features or how to choose which one is ideal for you, then you’ve come to the right place. I could help you with that.

Before we start talking about products, let’s first build up to a proper definition for Digital Art Projectors, starting from Projectors.

A projector is a device that throws up enlarged images on a wall, mural or any screen really.

An Art Projector is a projector designed to enhance the work of artists.

Now, a Digital Art Projector is an art projector that integrates well with digital devices and tools, e.g smartphones, computers, USB, tablets, etc. The products on this page have their own unique features but one thing they have in common is they are Digital Art Projectors.

Let’s talk a little bit about some products now…

Artograph Flare100 Art Projector

The Artograph Flare100 Digital Art Projector is a small, portable-sized projector that operates on battery. Before anything else, one thing this projector affords artists is the luxury to be able to go anywhere with it due to its portable nature.

The Flare100 projects a sharp image from as close as 4 inches from your surface to as far as 120 inches.

Its easy integration with iPhones, iPads and smartphones means the only thing standing between an artist and their art portfolio is a USB or flash drive. In fact, the Flare100 has a wireless screen-sharing connectivity feature with Android devices.

Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector

I would think the Artograph Inspire800 Art Projector got inspiration for its name from its ability to provide 800 lumens of brightness.

Another interesting feature of the Inspire800 projector is its enhanced contrast range. In fact, this projector’s contrast ratio is a whooping 100,000:1!

Again, the Inspire800 is easily integrable with iPhones, iPads and smartphones. This means all artists need to have their art portfolio with them at all times is a USB or a flash drive. The Inspire800 has a wireless screensharing connectivity feature that works with both Windows and Android devices.

Artograph Impression1400 Art Projector

The Artograph Impression1400 Art Projector provides 1400 lumens of slick HD brightness at 1920 x 1080 resolution. It also has enhanced contrast range. How about that for an LED Digital Art Projector?

The Impression1400 has way more features than the Flare100 and Inspire800 and is much more suitable for larger and more detailed artwork.

This projector is perfect for use in well-lit projection areas and has even been tested outdoors at night.

Comparison of Digital Art Projectors:

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How To Choose the Right Art Projector

Before I help you with this, you need to answer a few questions yourself first.

What kind of drawings or paintings do you do? Are you an art hobbyist or a professional artist? How much features do you really need? How much are you willing to cough out on a Digital Art Projector?

The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of the kind of projector that would be ideal for you.

The first Digital Art Projector I bought was the cheapest of the 3 we’re talking about: the Artograph Flare100. I’m someone that takes art as a hobby and this projector does everything I need it to do. I don’t do large-sized drawings and the features of this projector work perfectly for me.

I bought both the Artograph Inspire800 and Impression1400 Art Projectors solely for the purpose of providing information on this website.

If, like me, you draw or paint for fun, I think the Artograph Flare100 would be perfect for you. If you’re somewhere between drawing for fun and being a professional artist, and would love some extra features, then the Inspire800 projector would be ideal for you.

If you’re a professional artist, getting the Impression1400 projector should be a complete no-brainer for you. High and low contrast grayscale modes, the capacity to project LARGE artworks are some of the features you would love about this projector. Overall, you will get the best work done more conveniently and spend less time, which opens up time to get even more payable work done.